Panic As 300 Members Quit NRM

NRM officials in Masaka district are scheduled to convene a crisis meeting this week to resolve internal wrangles that have forced 300 members to quit the party.

People draped in NRM colors at a recent function
People draped in NRM colors at a recent function

On Monday, 300 NRM supporters convened a meeting at Buddu Guest House in Masaka town and resolved to quit the party. They cited marginalization, poor leadership and the failure by President Yoweri Museveni to meet them to resolve party wrangles, as some of the reasons behind their decision.

Tony Ssempijja, the NRM Youth chairperson Masaka municipality says they resolved to quit after writing to Amama Mbabazi, the NRM secretary General and their chairperson President Yoweri Museveni for intervention in vain. Ssempijja also says that they have written several letters to the party leadership to extend financial support to youths to start income generating projects, but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. He says the 300 members who have resolved to denounce the party are from Kimanya -Kyabakuza, Katwe-Butego, and Nyendo-Ssenyange divisions in Masaka municipality.

Abdullah Ssenabulya, the NRM secretary Masaka Municipality says the failure by the party bosses to fund their development projects has left them wallowing in extreme poverty. He says it is useless for them to continue supporting a government, which does not care about them and only remembers them during polls.

Ssenabulya has also threatened to mobilize residents to stage a demonstration this Thursday to denounce Museveni’s government.  Noor Njuki, the Masaka Municipality Deputy Speaker accuses the party secretariat of marginalizing them and instead spending money on opposition supporters. Njuki claims that he risked his life when he provided food to the then NRA rebels led by Museveni but he has received nothing in return.

The decision by party members to quit has caused panic among the local NRM leadership in Masaka. Party officials are planning to meet the disgruntled members to persuade them to reconsider their positions. Sarah Nanyanzi, the Masaka NRM women league chairperson says the decision by the 300 party supporters to quit caught them by surprise. She faults the NRM secretariat of failing to convene meetings to address key issues affecting the party members. Peter Ssenkungu, the Greater Masaka NRM Chairperson says despite the fact that the members have genuine demands; they should not just quit the party.

He also says that President Museveni donated 150 million shillings to mechanics in Nyendo yet many of them are opposition sympathizers.

Ssenkungu has however appealed for calm among the disgruntled party members saying he is sure Museveni will listen to their concerns.

8 thoughts on “Panic As 300 Members Quit NRM


    1. They are creeping hypocrites- instead of begging for cash directly from M7, they try to pull his leg with empty threat of quitting. M7 is not shaken he knows their thinking. Tomorrow he will give them money and you will see them crawling on their belly, singing M7’s praise.

    2. Does anybody know which one stands to gain and who wins and who looses? The whore, the pimp and the client. Might not be amusing to KYAAAKA though!! Is it the WHORE who tells the PIMP to look for a CLIENT?

    3. if people use their right to change their political affiliations then to you they are whores? Should people stick to one political party even when their interests are no longer being met by it? Why not then have a monarchy? And who told you all people in Masaka are Baganda? And why would you judge peopleś poltical affiliations by tribe? I would rather be a political whore than a potential genocidare. Actually in developing countries, whoring is increasingly legal while buying a whore is illegal. The real criminal is the one who buys!! The victim is the seller who usually sells because he has been locked out of the process. No market without customers? right?

  2. Haaaaa! ” The decision by party members to quit has caused panic among the local NRM leadership in Masaka” panic of losing members or fearing that your basket of break is crumbling? you have failed to panic when people are dying in maternity, you have not panicked on poverty sweeping people, murdering of people all over the county, the truth is its the beginning of panicking,

    How can you wast tax payers money just dishing it to people in such way, you very well know that people are very poor and you decided to give them liquid cash, do you think it can help, that is equally a wast.
    If you wanted to help mechanics its very good, but how did you help them, people in organized groups like those, you simply buy them machines which are visible and can help them to improve on their production, some of these machines we do not have them here in Uganda, the few which we have, are found in Kampala and very expensive to reach, so if such machines are given to mechanics in villages can help them to provide services very easily with out spending much money, may be paying little money for maintenance.

  3. Honestly I dont care what happens in NRM but what selfish reasons for wanting to quit. NRM has destroyed our country by introducing politics of eating. These goons should not be accepted in any other party because their thieving, eating mentality only befits their robbers’ party. Mbu museveni has refused to give them money -whose money does he go about giving his nrm goons-our money ofcourse. I think this government should only collect taxes from NRM supporters since it is them that get money from it.

  4. That is how tax payers money is wasted on selfish so called carders! Does Museveni have money, will it come from his cows? It certainly come from the National Treasurely!Briebly as usual!

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