POLICE: We Will Not Allow Unlawful And Criminal Plans In Kampala

Uganda Police Spokesperson Judith Nabakooba
Uganda Police Spokesperson Judith Nabakooba

The Uganda police have vowed to arrest anyone who tries to destabilize Kampala city with unlawful demonstrations.

“4GC leaders have again, in defiance of the law, called for so-called demonstrations, including a procession, tomorrow, Monday 22 July, 2013, purportedly to accompany the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago to the Tribunal where he is expected to appear,” said Judith Nabakooba, the Uganda Police Spokesperson in a press statement

“Police shall not allow these unlawful, criminal plans of defiance to take place. We must also point out that there is the threat of ADF/Al Shabab terrorism. Police shall not allow that life and property in the City and the country is put in jeopardy by individuals with suspicious agendas,” roared Nabakooba.

She further said that the police have not received any communication from the organizers of the intended demonstrations; “We have not received any formal communication (as we should) about these intended “demonstrations” from the organizers, making their intentions suspicious. We learnt about these plans through media statements of the organizers, as well as information from members of the public.”

Police also confirmed that the leaders of the banned organizations are busy mobilizing youths in Kisseka, Owino, and Nakasero markets, Kasangati and Kalerwe under the guise of the unlawful procession to burn tyres on roads, stone and burn vehicles, attack Police patrols and even police stations/posts.

The police assured the citizens that they will ensure peace and stability in the city.

“We wish to assure members of the public that the Police with support of the other security agencies shall ensure peace and calm in the City and the country,” said Nabakooba

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