July 20, 2013

Rema Axed From Gagamel Phamily

Rema Nnamakula has quit Gagamel Phamily
Rema Nnamakula has quit Gagamel Phamily

The only standing Gagamel Phamily female artist Rema Nnamakula has been fired.

The shocking news for the untimely departure of Rema was on July 19, revealed to the public by the Gagamel Phamily boss Bebe Cool via his official Facebook page.

“I would like to officially announce the departure of Rema Nnamakula from Gagamel,” Bebe Cool posted on his page.

Singer Rema on stage
Singer Rema on stage

It is believed that the main reason to why Bebe Cool fired Rema was that;

Rema hired her own manager and they will soon launch an album without Bebe Cool’s knowledge and approval.

Despite the fact that Bebe Cool forced Rema out Gagamel, he however wished her luck and the almighty should guide her in whatever she does.

The fire tonight singer had done collabos with Bebe Cool and they include; Sease and sickle and Missing you.

8 thoughts on “Rema Axed From Gagamel Phamily

  1. temptatation
    people dont kno where there come from
    she will soon fade away from the music seen

  2. One thing i know for sure is that people forget where they come from coz had it not been for bebe cool probably no one would even know who rema is just coz ov a few trucks she has done here en ther any way may be she knows she can do it on her own or is she trying to copy de good lyfe they r far better than her rema shd atleast have first consulted her mentor before doing things on her own i as Nestor a very ardent fun of Bebe cool even be4 gagamel was formed all i can say is wish rema a successful solo courier as long as she doesn’t be like the few musicians struggling to make it here in uganda gagamel forever bebe cool forever rema never forget this if u feel things are not that good consult bebe cool he’ll guide u on what to do but u have become a judas betraying yo mentor may Allah forgive en guide u on your new solo courier.Gagamel Foreveeeeeeeeeeeeer.6th7th,8th.

    1. Nestor, there is what they call growth. i think we should respect the fact that one can easily out grow the mentor . well all the mentor can say is it was a pleasure to work with u.—– to give u a hint of what im talking about–no sane child stays in p3 for seven years, who says u cant be richer than dady or anty because they mentored u…………..just wish the Rema the best instead of cursing.

      1. Come on ALL, Yess their is growth but wat tender?? we have observed how these fellas fade, so coming out with 1-2 hits en u think she has grown ya right but watch this space i don’t see her ready to fight alone coz its very very difficult out there, just forget the selfish interest of those so called managers who want to eat without sweating

  3. Its not about her come froms here. I think we are missing the point, the chic wanted to go single a sign of growth. time comes wen you have to leave yo parents home and get independent and for sure it was not a fight dats why she is being blessed by the father. Go gal we support you and like you.

  4. Thx bebe 4 ur career guidance Rema should managa her own life even da Bible says man & awoman wiil leave their parents start their family.

  5. this gal is gona rock!!!! this is serious competition for real and Rema good luck with your solo career

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