Rema Breaks Silence On Her Expulsion From Gagamel

Rema Nnamakula
Rema Nnamakula

A few days after being fired from Gagamel Phamily, Rema Nnamakula has expressed her sincere thanks to the Gagamel boss Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool.

“I hereby extend ma gratitude to my dear mentor Mr. Moses Ssali, you have always been my guidance and it hurts to say goodbye in such away but I believe your training will always guide me throughout my journey and I promise to make u proud one day. I will always be your girl,” posted Nnamakula on her official Facebook page

I it is believed the Rema was fired from Gagamel because of the misconduct she portrayed by showing interests in planning an album launch without Bebe Cool’s consent.

We are not sure yet whether Rema will start her own crew but we assure you to avail the details as they unfold. Watch the space.

3 thoughts on “Rema Breaks Silence On Her Expulsion From Gagamel

  1. Its a good gesture you’ve portrayed here Rema. Its really painful to have you break away; we still needed you right inside that beloved family of organized muziki. rules forever!!!!

  2. Rema im really proud of you. We have seen so many musicians break away from their mentors and unleash abuses on them but for your case you are too thankful and i hope even your mentor is proud of you. I wish to see more collabos of you en you mentor. ORIWANGE

  3. Wowwwwwwww, I am personally happy that you hv broken away, you really needed independence, and you should celebrate and mark yr independence day from Bebe Cool. I am not a fan of Bebe, but I loved all the songs he did with you. You were the only reason I could listen to BEBE COOL’s music.

    You really have potential and I may now say that I hv got my best Ugandan female artist, and I here by appointed myself the NEMA’s ambassador in my country Rwanda/Kigali, I will promote her music on all radios and TV stations in Rwanda. I love her voice, deeds and moves. God Bless NEMA



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