STORMY: Uganda National Cricketers’ Strike over Dime Deepens

Ugandans love their strikes, and trust me the Uganda’s men national cricket team latest fallout with Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) over wages is brewing hot; they laid down tools and are threatening more.

The players showed discontent at their situation earlier this month after returning from a rather successful trip in the Caribbean Island of Bermuda were they progressed to the 2014 International Cricket Council (ICC) Global World Cup qualifier.

The sport has been marred with financial squabbles
The sport has been marred with financial squabbles

For second place, UCA received $170, 000 the players are not impressed that they did not get a cut of that money.


“We will not train and we will not I insist until we get worthy contracts,” a senior team member told Pepper Sport on Thursday evening.

And indeed they did not show up at the 5pm mandatory training at Lugogo Cricket Oval under new coach Johan Rudolf who was given the mandate to make a successful shot at the ICC Twenty20 Global Qualifier later this November in Dubai and at the New Zealand tourney in January 2014.

“The process of the payment of players has deteriorated into a joke and the unprofessionalism of its handling is massively short of that required standard of an ICC full member country,” an official who preferred anonymity told RED

It is believed that the players are owed June’s wages and have been told to wait until August 1 for their arrears as well as July’s stipend.

But the Nakawa based UCA big-wings seem to have stood on their ground and decided that the players will get their arrears on August 1, which is the same date their new contracts will go into effect.

Many Ugandan sports federations are struggling to meet administrative, legal and financial conditions as would favour all parties.

Cricketers have fallen out with Association over monies 

UCA was offering each of the 15 contracted players an improved contract of Shs 400,000 per month with a performance bonus of Shs1.6m thus a possible total of Shs 2m for a top player like Davis Karashani (Uganda captain).

The players instead are benching for segments of Shs 600,000, Shs 400,000 and Shs 200,000 basing on one’s maturity on the national fold but each with a chance to make up to Shs2m at the end of the day.

But our source in UCA reliable informs us the administrators have been holed up in meetings all day and decided to release some dimes on Friday to the enraged cricketers to calm their hunger.

“They (UCA) have no one to blame but themselves because our terms are fair and so understandable,” another senior player concluded.



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