Tension As ADF Rebels Capture Another DRC Town

Allied Democratic force have captured another town of Kadam in the Democratic republic of Congo and also abducted police officers in the area.

The fall of Kadam came shortly after violent clashes with the Congolese government forces.

The fighting is said to have started Thursday morning in the area which is about 80 Kilometers from the town of Beni in North Kivu.

The rebels are said to have managed to take control of the town after they over powered Congolese government forces.

The battle for the town of Kadam is said to have lasted for only one hour.

The fall of Kadam comes shortly after rebels moved 25 kilometres within reach of Beni and about 20 Kilometres from the towns of Mamundioma and Totolito which are 45 Kilometers from Beni and were the first towns to fall under the control of the rebels.

Fighting is said to have also taken place in the area of Kamangu forcing hundreds of locals to flee into Uganda.

According to Teddy Kataliko the president of the Civil Societies in Beni , the rebels arrived in the town heavily armed and also occupied the town.

According to Kataliko the rebels also abducted a local police commander,His wife and children and among other  (9) nine police officers.

He adds that a community radio station known as Watalinga has been taken over by the rebels.

However the Congolese forces say that they have not fully lost control of the town saying that the fighting for the town of Kadam continues.

The commander of the Congolese government forces of the 1st Sector in Beni North Kivu province says that it is true that the have lost ground but have not given up on the town.
He says that the fight for Kadam will continue up to when the enemy is defeated.

He went ahead to reveal that the rebels were well equipped and that most of them were speaking Kiswahili and Arabic.

The North Kivu province  of DRC has seen a lot of suffering at the hands of many rebel groups all fighting for Control of Territory but the rebels groups themselves seem not to be having a common enemy.

A total of over ten Rebel groups operate in the North Kivu province of DRC among them the M23,Nyantura,Mutomboki,Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda(FDLR),Mai-Mai and the ADF among others.

The presence of these rebel groups has forced hundreds of Congolese out of their homes and they are currently living as refugees in Uganda and Rwanda.

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