West Nile MPs Hail Fallen Gen Adrisi

Members of Parliament have described former vice president General Mustapha Adrisi as an honest, mild, peaceful character and a great advisor.
Adrisi, 87, who also served as army chief of staff during the Idi Amin’s regime, died on Sunday morning at Mulago hospital. He was admitted with hypertension, diabetes and a fracture in his right leg two weeks ago.

Former Vice President Mustafa Adrisi passed away on Sunday
Former Vice President Mustafa Adrisi passed away on Sunday

West Nile MPs on Monday afternoon held a closed door meeting to discuss the burial arrangements for the former Vice President.

Arua Woman MP Christine Bako Abia says the fact that the late Adrisi did not own a house in Kampala, shows that those were days when this country was corruption free. This is despite the fact that they served under a military regime.

Kassiano Wadri, the Terego County MP remembers General Adrisi‘s boldness together with Col. Joseph Ozo, the then Governor of Western Province, who stood up to President Idi Amin Dada and told him that the leadership was going out of their hands. They suggested to Amin that they retreat back to the barracks and leave the leadership of the country to those who have read how to govern society.

Adrisi’s life was also put at risk when he was involved in a road accident on the way to Jinja in Mbalala in 1978. He stayed in Arua and only fled to exile after the brutal attack by the Tanzanian forces and the Uganda National Liberation Army in 1980-81, a year after Amin had been overthrown.

He then returned to Uganda after the overthrow of Milton Obote II in 1985.  Wadri, who is the west Nile MPs Association chairperson, also recalls that Gen. Adrisi urged youth in the West Nile Bank Front to leave the bush and return home to rebuild their lives.

Vurra County MP Sam Okuonzi says Gen Adrisi is remembered for being sober in a regime that has been bedeviled with accusations of murder and other human rights violations.

Okuonzi recalls that in 1974 at a demonstration in Makerere University when current UPC party leader Olara Otunnu was Guild President. Amin Dada’s government had deployed a battalion of armed men to quell the riot, but Adrisi withdrew the troops and released all the students that had been detained at Makindye Military Barracks.

Preliminary burial arrangements indicate that Gen Adrisi’s body will be brought to Parliament tomorrow before being taken to Old Kampala Mosque for prayers.

Parliament spokesperson Helen Kawesa says the body of General Adrisi will arrive at parliament at 8amand lay in state for public viewing. Later a special sitting will be held at 10am in the Parliamentary chambers for Members of Parliament to pay tribute.

On Wednesday the body will be flown to Koboko for burial.

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