‘You Are Ingrates’, Justine Stings NTV

Even though she left claiming the need to strike a balance between her work and school, it appears there was much more than met the ordinary eye at the time.

Justine Nameere, now former Life Stories show host at the Serena based TV has unleashed a subtle attack on her former employers accusing them of being ingrates and not paying her.

Justine Nameere recording one of her shows while still at NTV
Justine Nameere recording one of her shows while still at NTV

Her ‘outburst’ is contained in a post she put on her Facebook on Sunday after watching the TV show featuring motor-mouthed Kick boxer Moses Golola. And one can guess from her post that she could have left under acrimonious circumstances.

She has however promised her fans to be ready for a more organized presentation from as if to further sting her former employers’ work for being below par.

This is what she posted;

While I was watching Life stories today (Sunday) I remembered wat I went thru just to get that show filmed; even Golola the guest recalls vividly; it was hell but today even with me gone without a salary or a small thanks; such a show is aired and pple watch and appreciate! Any way Golola has a rich and amazing story. Soon ull watch it on my new show- well told and organized.’

The message is crystal clear and her mention of  ‘me gone without a salary’ seems to justify rumor that she left because her purse wasn’t well watered.


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