Zari Apologizes to Ivan, Demands respect from Sharon O

It seems the dust raised when Ivan Ssemwanga came up to snatch Ronnie Mulindwa’s Sharon O will settle soon.

Zari and Ivan
Zari and Ivan

Our snoops have learnt that showbiz loving Zari has apologized to husband and father of three sons, Ivan Ssemwanga for the comments she has been posting about him using social media.

According to sources, it was on Wednesday in a meeting with her mother and Ivan’s pal and business partner, King Lwarence that Zari made the apology.

We understand that among the other resolutions reached,were that Zari accepted Sharon O as a co-wife and swore to stick by Ivan’s side,on condition that Sharon bestowed upon her respect as a senior wife.

Snoops say that sudden twist in the events arose after Ivan pledged to keep supporting Zari financially.

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  1. This revelation has left many big mouths standing by themselves. Well, I always say when couples are fighting, do not join their fight without finding out why they are fighting because you could be embarrassed. It could be a form of foreplay.

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