ACCIDENT: Speeding Police Patrol Truck Knocks One Dead

The police truck that was over speeding knocked one person dead
The police truck that was over speeding knocked one person dead

A speeding Uganda Police patrol truck attached to Kasensero police station has knocked a pedestrian dead.

The deceased has been identified as Sunday Lusiba a resident of Miti Ebiri village, Kasasa Sub county in Rakai district.

The accident occurred at Miti Ebiri village, along Kyotera Mutukula road.

A speeding Police pickup truck registration number UP 2626 carrying a suspect from Kasensero Landing site to Kyotera police station knocked Lusiba who was crossing a road to a nearby shop.

Stella Babisusa, Rakai District Traffic Police Commander, has blamed the accident on reckless driving and speeding by the truck driver.

She said  that five police officers who were on the pickup were also injured though she could not give their names and the extent of their injuries.

Babisusa however, declined to give the details of the truck driver only saying that he is recording a statement.

She says that police has hauled the vehicle that caused the accident to Kyotera police station as investigations into the cause of the accident goes on.

The deceased’s body has been taken to Kalisizo hospital mortuary for a postmortem to be carried out such that the cause of death can be ascertained.

4 thoughts on “ACCIDENT: Speeding Police Patrol Truck Knocks One Dead

  1. even after the person is surely been seen by the naked eye to have been knocked and killed by the speeding truck, do you have to do a postmotem, whatever that is to eslablish the cuase of death ….pleaaaassse, police, begin thinking outside the box not like the early sixties

    1. It’s a matter of law . The courts need a formal declaration
      of cause of death and a post mortem is thus required since the doctor who is supposed to give the expert opinion is not at the accident scene. Think of it as an Exam. You get examined yet the teacher knows that you attended class. But without the formal results anyone can later come and say you were not actually in class . But with your results slip you can show you actually were

  2. Police in Uganda drives so recklessly, the Driver should be examined to see if he was under the influence of drugs, Mwenge, boasting, stupidity and corruption

    1. when we say the so called police is outdated ,pple object our aurgument,now let them see it phisically,since they are the untouchables of the state ,time will just judge them

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