Air Uganda, RwandAir sign partnership deal

Air Uganda and RwandAir have signed a new deal with to allow passengers booked on both airlines travel at their convenience. 

The code share agreement unveiled in Kigali on Wednesday will enable the airlines to synchronise costs and equipment, while maximising profits, according to RwandAir officials.

Air Uganda boss Muleya (R) RwandAir's Mirenga exchange the agreement documents. Photo by The New Times/Timothy Kisambira
Air Uganda boss Muleya (R) RwandAir’s Mirenga exchange the agreement documents. Photo by The New Times/Timothy Kisambira

Code share enables different partnering airlines to synchronise flights, tickets and equipment to ease passenger movement.

Cornwell Muleya, the Air Uganda boss, said the deal is not only good for the airlines, but also for East African Community integration.

“We need to integrate our aviation industry as a region as a trade bloc and this is one step towards that objective,” Muleya said.

“This deal offers convenience to customers… With this partnership, customers have more flight options and flexibility for their travel and are not restricted to the flight schedule of one airline,” Muleya added.

Under the new agreement, the two airlines will agree on joint charges, making  it possible for them to sell tickets on either carrier, with passengers free to choose which flight to take at their convenience.

John Mirenge, the RwandAir chief executive officer, said the arrangement will also extend   a range of aviation services to the travellers making the Kigali–Entebbe–Kigali route more competitive between the two airlines.

According to Murenga, the code share partnership with Air Uganda will ensure commercial success as we look forward to a record surge in arrivals. It will also enhance our growth.

Mirenge also stressed that the new deal will increase the airlines flight frequencies from 17 to 24 a week, thus boosting regional trade, especially the tourism and commerce sectors.

He added that the agreement would make it possible for the airlines to provide flight interconnections to other points in their respective flight networks.

The two airlines will now jointly operate three flights daily.

This is RwandAir’s third major code sharing deal after those with Brussels Airlines and Ethiopian airways.

The two airlines transport 337 passengers daily between Kigali–Entebbe-Kigali route, with RwandAir alone carrying 225 passengers.

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  1. I think the best thing to do is revive the East African Airlines simple, but these small partnerships are taking us no where period.

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