Besigye Gaining Popularity Among Musicians

Jose Chameleone and Former FDC Leader Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone and Former FDC Leader Kiiza Besigye

Former FDC leader Col Dr Kiiza Besigye is gaining popularity among the Uganda’s biggest musicians.

The Former FDC Leader was first spotted at Bobi Wine’s Tuambire Ku Jennifer album launch at Kyadondo Grounds Lugogo.

He was in company of other opposition MPs and the Kampala City Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago.

Last Week, East Africa’s heavy weight and self proclaimed music doctor Jose Chameleone post a picture of himself and Dr Kizza Besigye on Facebook.

We are not sure on the reason why Besigye is meeting the top Musicians in Uganda.


Jose Chameleone flanked the picture with a statement where he said that he is proud to be from the pearl of Africa.

This picture of Besigye and Chameleone has sparked off controversy among the people.


Lokiden M Felix said; “Dr. i hope you are not making a political statement because music and politics don’t mix well.  Stay out of politics and concentrate on your booming music career.”

Yung Messi Sharifu had this to post; “with our future president Colonel Besigye”

Nsamba Midraji posted that; “Chameleone must be an FDC supporter”

Seno Paul; “I love your music, and your power to educate, but i hate you hanging with that saboteur Besigye, anti peace”

Jose Chameleone spent the weekend in Tanzania where he had gone to perform.

4 thoughts on “Besigye Gaining Popularity Among Musicians

  1. This is the problem with Ugandans Dr KB is a citizen like u and me and Dr Chamili is too our very own so what is the problem, why do we like mixing politics with all sorts of funny reasoning, I see no reason of argument here.

  2. Chameleon is a Ugandan. Dr. Besigye is a Ugandan too. The two are free to interact. NRM has popularised hate politics and that is dangerous to Uganda. For one to think that Chameleon posing with Dr. Besigye is bad must be operating in the after death era or probably not a Ugandan.

  3. Poor Ugandans, burried in poverty, one meal a day & the majority going to bed on an empty stomach have guts to fight on behalf of a man who is President for 30yrs, his wife is Minister, his Son is Army Commander, his daughters hold high offices in State House, his Sons in law own high profile businesses in the Country, et cetera.

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