Cardinal Wamala Visits Chameleone’s Family

Leone Island boss and self proclaimed music doctor Jose Chameleone must be a happy man.

Jose Chameleone's family pose for a photo with Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala
Jose Chameleone’s family pose for a photo with Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala

Retired cardinal Emmanuel Wamala of Kampala Arc diocese yesterday August 19 prayed  for Jose Chameleone’s family in Kampala.

“It was such an honor picking blessings from His sent, Emmanuel Wamala. How blessed is my family that through you we prayed for peace and through you he granted and accepted our plea,” said Jose Chameleone.

Jose Chameleone has been for a time rumored to be worshiping the underground gods.

11 thoughts on “Cardinal Wamala Visits Chameleone’s Family

  1. The Cardinal’s visit may not dispel the rumour that he worships underground gods

  2. Its unfortunate how people attribute success en excellence to the underground gods as if God himself can’t bless people to that extent!! no wonder such people who usually believe such are carnal. Tired of pple who associate people’s success with evil!

  3. When it comes to dressing modestly, Daniella is certainly no inspiration. And the Cardinal should know better.

  4. Can any one explain how worshipping the under ground gods is done? what I don’t feel comfortable about is the African communal thinking and lay to claims. Could the one who knows the life of the family of Cameleon J—- give us some very simple analytical details. At least I can testify on the side of Daniela as known from our olden village days that she has been a good practicing Christian and unless she became a covert later, she is not one and would that mean that these fellows are divided in their family?. But what ever the case let some one help me know about the purported faith of Chameleon and I would appreciate the knowledge.

    1. send your e-mail i will attach you the full message of the man who got rescured from this worship or if you can get this this book, delivered from the power of darkness
      BuT, remember i am not among those who a curse Chameleone’s to be worshiping the devil. ok.

      1. What is your testimony about the book Kamukama?, kindly be epistemological in your take of sides so that your belief, knowledge of something is back by objectively true justifications. Kindly eliminate communitarian opionism based often on unfounded fear that reinforces mysticism and there you will take us to the right spot.

        1. Olweny chic, communication is done when what you say, is well understood by the receiver, the words u are using are big for some us, a word like ” epistemological” However i can not be perfect and explain with the first hand information since i have read the book, which i have mentioned, and i think its hard to get a person who can willing tell you all about this dirty worship unless he has changed his belief its when he can open the secrete. the testimony i have is that i have got this message, which i have given most people to read and expose the works of the devil, to save their lives, you need to know this message too. all those who need to read this book ” delivered from the power of darkness” can write me on [email protected] i will send you that message,

  5. Catholicism has never had a problem with occultism and devil worship. As long as you do not bring yo ssabo to the kkeleziya. I have had many stories of Roman catholic priests who have asked their faithful, nay, seminarians, to “genda omale ebyeewammwe olyoke ojje mu kkeleziya”.
    I know some traditionalist might reply that we had our own gods before the missionaries came, but we also had ignorance before we went to school and learnt about bunsen burners,etc. Does that mean these things did not exist before we learnt about them? Anyway, what I refer to here is ungodly, satanic sacrifice and worship in exchange for material stuff. Any nation/family/body that abandons God will end up on its knees. That is why Africa & India are where they are now and if the so called first world carries on their present debauchery, it is a question of time before they come begging us for resources, if only we eschew evil and truly embrace Godliness.
    We shall know them by their fruit; sitaani tayina kalungi kaagaba and its only a question of time before satan’s worshippers are destroyed, unless satan still has a use for them, like contributing to the loss of others’ souls.
    Iam not saying Mayanja is a devil worshipper coz only he and those close enough to him know the truth; I am only saying that the truth will out, its a question of time.
    The fruit will be obvious.
    May God have mercy on all our souls.

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