Uwera Nsenga Denied Bail, Returned To Luzira Prison

Jacqueline Uwera Nsenga, the woman accused of knocking dead her husband Juvenal Nsenga, early this year as she drove through their family gate in Bugolobi, Kampala, has been denied bail and returned to Luzira prison.

Nakawa High Court Judge Wilson Masalu Musene declined to release Nsenga on bail pending her trial on grounds that she did not present exceptional circumstances like ill health to convince court to release her.

Jackie Nsenga (L) her late husband Juvenal Nsenga (R). She has been charged with his murder
Jackie Nsenga (L) her late husband Juvenal Nsenga (R). She has been charged with his murder

Court also noted that there is a high likelihood of her jumping bail and that she had even spent a short period on remand.
The judge also asked the prosecution to fix the matter and have it expeditiously heard given its nature.

Through her lawyers Nsubuga Mubiru and Isaac Walukaga, Nsenga had yesterday unsuccessfully asked court to release her on bail to enable her take care of her children.

Her lawyers had also asked court to release their client on grounds that she had spent over 180 days on remand; a period they said was beyond the mandatory period to be on remand.

But the prosecution led by Samali Wakooli had opposed her release on grounds that there was a high probability she would jump bail since her home is in Kenya.

Wakooli also argued that the over five months she had spent in police custody was out of her own will since she needed police protection and that the 180 mandatory days are counted when a suspect makes their maiden court appearance.

Jacqueline Nsenga was charged in court on July 15 before being remanded to Luzira prison where she has been since.

Prosecution alleges that Nsenga (36), a businesswoman, on the 10, January this year, at her matrimonial home in Bugolobi, Kampala, murdered her husband Juvenal Nsenga.

Court has also fixed this Friday for the prosecution to commit her case to the High Court for trial at the next convenient criminal session.

This has been one of the complex and unique criminal cases in the recent past. This is because prior to her being charged in court, the DPP and the police clashed over which charges to prefer against the suspect.

The DPP had opted to prefer murder charges but the police otherwise said they had found no evidence to support the murder charges. The police had suggested manslaughter or traffic charges.

As this confusion ranged on, the police at some point even sought advice from the Attorney General.


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  1. this is not the JUSTICE we are demanding,court is losing the whole thing. if she qualifies for bail i think Jacqueline should be granted. if it is about her running away to kenya then interpol will help us get her here.

    1. hello mr. AKSEL ALVARO. what did you say?? can i read the word JUSTICE?? she killed that is true, you people stop thinking that a dead person can not help himself to bring out the truth but she killed her husband for such reasons, disregarding children , how many kids have grown up without parents and succeed in this world court is delaying just rock her.

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