Kadaga To Gov’t: I Represent Everyone In Parliament

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has noted with concern statements made by the Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi who is the Leader of government business in connection with her work saying that leaders in the country should acknowledge that they consciously took a decision to go multi-party.

This was during her communication to the House which has been on two weeks recess and just resumed business.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has defended the need for her office to be impartial and representative of all in the House.
Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has defended the need for her office to be impartial and representative of all in the House.

Kadaga noted that when she took oath after Members of Parliament voted her to that position, she  promised to be a Speaker for everyone and government should understand that she represents all members in the House and accords them fair hearing.

Kadaga noted that no MP should complain because she meets with a section of MPs in her office. This was in reference to Mbabazi’s remarks that Kadaga had clearly identified herself as an opposition party supporter because she had met with a group of MPs who are independents and in the opposition. The meeting was the height of the debate on the Public Order Management Bill.

She added that she is bothered that in the 12 years Nsibambi was Prime Minister, he never went to radio to attack the Speaker. She added that government should note a need for respect among leaders.

This communication from the Speaker came in the absence of Prime Minister Mbabazi who was not in attendance of the Plenary Session.

The Observer Paper noted in its 8th August report “Mbabazi: Kadaga is in Opposition” that with the passage of the Public Order Management Bill (POMB) that bans political gatherings without police permission, another war was raging elsewhere.

The report noted that Cabinet was questioning the political loyalty of their own Speaker Kadaga and that the Prime Minister Mbabazi used the cabinet meeting to label Kadaga an opposition sympathizer.

The report also said that Mbabazi accused the Speaker of ganging up with the opposition earlier before the bill was passed in an attempt to defeat the POMB that is criticized as a government tool to curtail freedoms of assembly and effectively gag the opposition.

That report reaveled that an inside source said that Mbabazi told Ministers in the cabinet meeting that Kadaga secretly met with a group of opposition politicians, who convinced her to strike the POMB off the order paper on the day.

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  1. make your self heard if not these men who have no moral and respect for thier possition will lead you to evil action. clarity is the way to go the bible states that the truth sets one free and ur protected by God if your truthfull, from all dangers of the evil one. be strong madame speaker we are all looking up to you as women of tomorrow.

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