Kayihura Reshuffles Top Police Officers

The Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura yesterday August 21 reshuffled top Police officers.

IGP Kale Kayihura has made reshuffles in the police force.
IGP Gen Kale Kayihura has made reshuffles in the police force.

Find a detailed list below

1. SSP Dr Ndiwalana Benard from UN Mission To Aswa Region As Regional

Police Surgeon

2.  SP Musana Munene from Police headquarters to act as Staff Officer/HRM Officer.

3.  SP Doka Rashid from Police headquarters to act as Staff Officer/HRM Officer.

4. SP Lutalo Richard from RP&D to HRM/D

5. SP Musalima Faith from FFU to Police headquarters in the Department of HRM

6. SP Kitimbo Abdallah from FFU to Busoga North as Regional HRM Officer

7. SP Chemutai James from Kidepo is appointed regional HRM officer Kidepo

8.  ASP Walimbwa Abadallah from Mission to Gulu Police Clinic

9. ASP Jumbe Moses from Police headquarters to PSU pending investigations

10. ASP Isiko Jeremiah from Wamala  is appointed HRM officer Wamala region

11. ASP Mbale Suburo from PTS Kabalye to Siipi as Regional HRM officer

12. ASP Kirya Higyagana Hassan from Police headquarters to Ssezibwa as Regional HRM Officer

13. ASP Asingwire Deborah is appointed Regional HRM Officer Busoga East

14. ASP Samanya Rehemah from Police headquarters to Greater Bushenyi as Ass

Regional HRM Officer

15. ASP Kigenyi Iddi from Police headquarters to Savannah as Regional HRM Officer

16 ASP Erimu Richard is appointed Regional HRM Officer North West Nile

17. ASP Dradria Edson from West Nile is appointed HRM Officer West Nile

18. ASP Sekalema Hussein from PTS Kabalye to Albertine Region Ass

Regional HRM Officer

19. ASP Auma Lucy from PTS Kabalye to Directorate HRM.D/A

20 ASP Mwaule John from Wakiso to Nateete as OC Station

21. ASP Mpawuwo Norah from Natete to Wakiso as OC Station

22. ASP Kanzira William from CIID Headquarters to Kiira Road as OC CIID

23 ASP Tusiime Mary From Natete to Kakiri as  OCCID

24.C/ASP Kansiime Resty From Mukono to Directorate HRM/D.A

25 C/ASP Chemutai Kalifani from Albertine Region to North  Kyoga as

Regional HRM Officer

26 C/ASP Agaba Osbert from Kasangati to Old Kampala as OC Station

27. C/ASP Ochamuringa Emannuel from Old Kampala to Mukono as OC Station

28. C/ASP Kikobye Justine from CT to FFU as Unit HRM Officer

29. C/ASP Majid Karim from Katwe to Kanyanya as OC Station

30.Tasobya Robert from Kanyanaya to Busukuma as OC Station.

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