MP Suspended As Public Order Management Bill Is Passed

Uganda’s Parliament on Tuesday afternoon passed the Public Order Management Bill 2011 with the contentious clause 8 that indicates whoever wishes to hold a public rally or gathering in public premises must first seek police permission.

Several opposition politicians and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) had urged parliament not to pass the bill in its current form. Among the CSOs that made a passionate please include Amnesty International.

Amnesty International’s African deputy director Sarah Jackson warned the bill might infringe on basic freedoms in the country if passed.

Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya
Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya  

And in particular citing the right to organize and participate in public meetings or gatherings which discuss political issues as these would now be subject to heavy restrictions and controls from police.

On Tuesday, opposition MPs attempted to challenge the passing the bill by indicating how the house had two order papers to choose from. One of the order papers members had did not indicate that the Public Order Management Bill would be discussed.

But Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah told MPs that order papers can always be changed and that a change could not stop using the new order paper.

The Leader of Opposition Nandala Mafabi tried to engage the Speaker about the order papers but Oulanyah ignored his pleas.

Amidst a lot of heckling, Oulanyah then called for voting on the bill to start.

In the same sitting, Oulanyah still moved under rule 80 of naming and suspending a Member of Parliament and suspended Soroti Woman MP Angelline Ossege from three sittings of the house. She is also barred from accessing parliamentary precincts and committee sittings of the house.

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi with opposition MPs tried to protest passing of the bill in vain
Leader of Opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi together with opposition MPs tried to protest passing of the bill in vain

With this said, Oulanyah directed the Clerk to move to the next business in a chaotic and noisy house.

Opposition MPs led by their leader Nandala Mafabi then resorted to shouting and chanting, “No way! No way!” The MPs moved to surround the desk patch with the mess.

Last Thursday the Bill was not concluded as the deputy speaker had directed MPs to vote on it and MP Otto Odonga grabbed the roll call list and tore the paper.

In the same sitting Oulanyah suspended three MPS Odongo Otto, Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda and Theodore Ssekikubo.

9 thoughts on “MP Suspended As Public Order Management Bill Is Passed

  1. Today its official. You’r country has regressed from a struggling democracy to a dictatorship. The semblance of peace is now questionable as repression becomes the pillar of the ruling regime.

    1. But as long as u ain’t holding your born day party in a public places, then u should be alright, let’s say I hold those political gathering on my private land, do I still need da police’s consent? What a sorry state we have come. But as they say nothing lasts forever my brother so all dem politicians should know “in da words of da late Philly B Lutaya~~~~ 2day is me!!! 2morrow is someone else”

  2. Democracy is a tyranny of the majority over the minority. But as we say might is not always right. Galileo was right and the whole establishment of the Catholic church wrong. NRM has not listened to the minority even when they have shouted their lungs out. The leader of the opposition (read minority) was ignored.

  3. talk about being pressed between a rock n a hard place.

    Listen; maybe oulanya was on gun point n lack d stamina of d late ben kiwanuka.

    poor boy from North what else could he. he also loves his ka life bambi.

  4. Did you say your name is Bul, then let me add bullshit, in your myopic thinking, how come you are just learning that the country has regressed from a struggling democracy to a dictatorship, where on earth have you been living

  5. What goes around comes around. Nandala must be cursing the day he allowed the Sironko District speaker to pass a resolution on a matter that was not on the order paper. Despite Resistance, Nandala had advised members to ignore the issue and move on. Today it is his turn to feel the pinch

  6. Shame on all the NRM MPs who voted to pass the bill one wonders how they sleep at night knowing they are selling their mother land and failing Ugandans and stopping Uganda from moving forward .
    Like the saying goes what goes around comes around tomorrow will be to late when the bill is used against NRM MPs that day will come not day —- some day.



    DON’T MOURN FOREVER instead prepare 4d
    (PATIENCE PAINS) REM “Kabakaship & ebyaffe” n hop dat 1 day maybe
    after 40+ yrs d entire constitution will be overhauled.
    similar to Rom 7:6

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