NRM Names Two Against Mafabi For BCU Chair

Coffee farmers under Bugisu Cooperative Union – BCU are accusing government of politicizing the management of their union.

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi
Leader of Opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi is the incumbent BCU board chairperson

It follows a decision by the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM to front two candidates ahead of the BCU board elections on Friday.

They are Charles Walimbwa Peke, the incumbent Manafwa district LC V chairperson and James Netalisire, a businessman in Mbale also husband to Sarah Netalisire, the Manafwa district woman MP. The duo is scheduled to face off with Nandala Mafabi, the incumbent BCU board chairperson, whose term was interrupted after government forcefully took over the union in 2010.

It came after a group of former BCU board members accused the Nathan Nandala Mafabi led board of alleged mismanagement, financial impropriety and abuse of office. Mohamood Masaba, the Mbale district NRM treasurer has confirmed the appointment of the two candidates. Masaba claims that they took a decision to be involved in the administration of the biggest farmers union in the region because it has been turbulent during the reign of the Nandala Mafabi led board.  However, Damascus Wangolo, a farmers’ representative wonders why government has continued to disturb them over their property.

He says BCU is a private institution belonging to farmers and warns government to stop interfering with their business. He wonders why government would want to bring politics into their business, which they are opposed to as farmers. He says they elected Nandala Mafabi not because he supports FDC but because he is clear minded and developmental. Wangolo says government has already inflicted a lot of pain on the farmers and shouldn’t plan of taking over their union.

Wangolo warns government to be ready for any consequences should it insist on forcefully taking over their property.

John Musila, the outgoing BCU board vice chairperson says it is outrageous for government to drag politics into the farmers’ business. Musila says he is an ardent NRM party member but does not support the idea of bring politics at play in the farmers’ issues.

He says whereas Nandala Mafabi is an opposition leader, he contributed a lot including among others attracting a 4 billion shilling profit margin for the union just during his two years in leadership and purchasing FM radio equipment for the union something he says is not easy. He says they will still elect Nandala back to head the union arguing that all the issues brought against him and his board members were fabricated by government something he says they cannot consider.

Nandala Mafabi says he is not moved by the threats of NRM to throw him out of BCU. He says he is ready for anything and is optimistic that NRM would lose in the election. Mafabi says he wants to serve the union as the son of the area but not because of any political interests.

5 thoughts on “NRM Names Two Against Mafabi For BCU Chair

  1. That weapon worked in west Nile, it worked in Ankole, the aim behind is ill, not clean, the government “Museveni never feels happy if there is a group of people earning their survive from sources he is not sure that are well controlled, the government” Museven” wants to wipe out that union and make you beggars like those who lost Banyankole Kweterana and other coffee unions in West Nile. And for him when he has started he will never give up until he gets what he needs so be ready. you children will drop out of schools, no where you will get loans to assist you,

  2. They want to fail it like the former Banyankole Kweterana.its on record that there is a small clique of NRM that wants to make sure people are not financially independent especially the farmers.leaving the cattle keepers in control economically..
    All those may not work because its too late.
    The NRM has no moral standing to talk about thieves in Bugisu co operative union which is a private entity.Let the concetrate on stopping the thieves and robbers in Cabinet,security services,ministries and other government controlled departments.
    The Museveni government is so desparate to control all economic sources in order to kill independent thinking and decision making.

  3. When did BCU become a political entity in order for the government to field candidates from the ruling NRM party? While I have nothing against Mr Walimbwa Peke and Mr Netalisire, this is the time for all Bamasaba/farmers to stand together and oppose this unfortunate move. Having made all ministries bankrupt, they have now moved to private organizations. Once the NRM government succeeds in pushing their agenda into BCU, the commander in chief will just order for the funds of the farmers as he likes. Unlike parliament that has let down the Ugandans by yielding to whatever move the president makes, BCU farmers should stand together and rally behind Nandala, not on political grounds but because he had proved he can stir BCU to great heights.

  4. People who are empowered economically are difficult to rule and the NRM is weary of this scenario. They are not leaders but rulers, so BCU has to be subjugated at all costs. But take heart if you mobilise well they can be defeated. Let me hope that the members are not like many voters who sell their rights for soap and sugar.

  5. For this one, Walimbwa, Netalisire, musundi, should rally behind Nandala . This will depict your patriotism for the region , shame our detractors and go a long way to protect this endangered specie BCU

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