Public Order Management Law Misunderstood – Mbabazi

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi says the Public Order Management Bill is being misunderstood by the public.

Exchanging views on social networking site, Twitter on Saturday afternoon, Mbabazi said government is in the process of releasing a statement on the newly passed piece of legislation and its effect on society.

A team of Government lawyers met with the Prime Minister at his Nakasero office to clear the government position on the now controversial law.

Mbabazi, while speaking at his seasonal meet-up with the Uganda online community, said many dissidents of the public order management bill are misinformed on the facts of the bill and are quoting from the previous 2008 bill and thus government was preparing an official statement on the matter.

He says the new law which is yet to be assented to by the President, is a response to a court decision in the case of Butambala MP Muwanga Kivumbi, where the powers of the Inspector General of Police in regulating protests and public gatherings were reduced.

The new law among other things seeks to grant the Inspector General of Police powers to disperse or block public rallies. The bill also seeks to regulate any meeting of more than three people discussing political matters. Organisers of public gatherings are required to inform the police at least seven days before such events.

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  1. MBABAZI don’t think your the only learned and educated person, hence you don’t need to interprete for all of us, we are more educated and reason better than you only that your a sycophant of the NRM system and you dance to museveni’s tunes.

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