RESIGN! Bishop Tells Priests Undermining Catholic Doctrines

The Bishop of Soroti Catholic Diocese, Right Reverend Emmanuel Obbo, has asked priests undermining the Catholic faith to leave, saying the church doctrines can’t be altered.

Bishop Obbo was speaking over the weekend at the ordination ceremony for three priests and six deacons in Soroti town.

Obbo told the new priests that the Catholic doctrines started several centuries ago and that the 21st century priests have no right to question them.

Priests before they were ordained.
Priests before they were ordained.

He asked those attacking the Catholicism on Twitter and Facebook to do something constructive, since they are not the ones who started the church.

Obbo said that priesthood is not for everybody, but a calling that must be utilized for the good of the church. He thanked the parents who have offered their sons to do God’s work, but also cautioned them not to derail them from their chosen call. He asked the parents to pray against what he called the evil calling for marriages among priests.

Obbo said it’s because of celibacy among priests that the catholic faith stands strong.

Mbarara Archbishop Paul Bakyenga, who was the main celebrant, told Christians to spiritually guide the newly ordained priests.

Sheik Abdu Tabuzumba, who represented Muslims at the ceremony, called for unity among Christians and Muslims saying that both Islam and Christianity serve one God.

Those ordained for priesthood include Samuel Ebeitu, Sam Okiria, Amos Onyait, while Emmanuel Emalu, Ambrose Ogwang, Fredrick Obore, Paul Ekwenyu, Micheal Otim and Stephen Adou were ordained as deacons.

Early this year, Father Anthony Musaala, a priest and local musician authored a strongly worded letter calling on the church to relax its doctrine on celibacy. Musaala argued that the doctrine had failed and that most catholic priests were secretly having families. The Archbishop of Kampala, Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, reacted by suspending Musaala.

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