REVENGE: Angry Residents Set Killer’s House Ablaze

Police have used live bullets and teargas to disperse a mob for attacking the home of a man suspected of raping and killing a four year old girl in a ritual sacrifice.

The victim Hailat Nakiganda
Hailat Nakiganda was raped and strangled to death

The incident occurred on Saturday morning August 17 at Kajaguzo village in Kirumba Sub County in Rakai district, a day after the 4-year-old daughter of Muhammad Sembatya and Immaculate Nabukeera was reportedly ganged raped and strangled to death on Thursday August 15.

Angry residents turned against George William Wamala, a neighbor of the deceased after the victim’s dress was found in his home.

This morning, angry residents raided Wamala’s home and vandalized his house before setting it ablaze.

They discovered two graves in his house.

They also slashed his banana and coffee plantations. Badru Mujuzi, the Kalisizo Rural sub county LC3 councilor said that residents were enraged after Wamala failed to explain the people who were buried in the two graves that were found in his home.

He says residents unsuccessfully tasked Wamala to identify the people who were buried there and when they were buried.

Mujuzi further said that the residents assaulted Wamala after he failed to explain how the deceased’s dress ended up at his home.

Fred Sooma, the Rakai District Police Commander has condemned the mob action.

He said police had to use teargas to disperse the residents and arrest the suspect.

The  police is holding Wamala as a prime suspect in the rape and murder case because on the day the deceased’s body was found, a sniffer dog led police to his home.

Anti riot police has deployed heavily at Wamala’s home to protect his remaining property

No suspect has been arrested in connection to the mob attack.

Immaculate Nabukeera, the victim’s mother said that she was shocked by the brutal murder of her daughter.

Until now she has failed to figure out the motive of the murder of her daughter.

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