The Curious Case of Rabadaba

Singer Faisal Sseguya a.k.a Rabadaba is Friday expected to appear at Kabalagala Police station for interrogation over the death Thaddeus Buyego.

Thaddeus Buyego, 35, died Tuesday
Thaddeus Buyego, 35, died Tuesday 30

Buyego, 35, died Tuesday at Nsambya Hospital where he was admitted three months ago.

The deceased came into limelight back in 2011 after Rabadaba allegedly stabbed him with a knife in the lower abdomen which left his intestines out.

After Buyego was pronounced dead last weekend, Rabadaba denied responsibility for the death of Rastafarian.

’I have heard and read both on internet and telecasts about the allegations and implications we had years ago causing his death but realistically everyone has a right to his or her opinion,’ said Rabadaba on Sunday evening.

“Thaddeus and I settled our differences and we got passed them. We have actually been friends all this time. As a human being, he was wronged and hurt but the wrong was made right by and with him….May the Almighty judge him with mercy. RIP Thaddeus.’

Buyego was reportedly found dead at his rented apartment in Nsambya, Kampala.

Friends of the deceased said he succumbed to the effects of the wounds he sustained when Rabadaba inserted a sharp knife in his stomach after the duo quarreled over a girl at De Posh bar in Kabalagala, a Kampala suburb.

Rabadaba was briefly detained at Kabalagala Police Station before parting with over shs8m as compensation for the attack on Buyego also a member of the Goodlyfe music label.

’It is really a moment of sorrow for me and everyone in the Ugandan music and entertainment industry that a well known figure has passed away and left us… May he rest in peace,” the singer wrote on his facebook page.

The Smitten singer has been re-summoned to Police over Buyego's death
The Smitten singer has been re-summoned to Police over Buyego’s deathng

But the case’s momentum has evaporated with word going around that Kinetic Management Group’s Yung Mulo, who was by then a no-body is the one who did the dirty work of which Raba Daba covered for him as the accused and the case faded slowly by slowly.

Yung Mulo
Yung Mulo

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  1. Rabadaba approached Thaddeus that night commanding Thaddeus to give up his seat because Rabadaba felt Thaddeus didn’t deserve that seat. When Thaddeus refused to give up his seat, Rabadaba chose to get into a fight with Thaddeus. Then Rabadaba’s crew joined in on the fight to beat up Thaddeus. Yung Mulo proceeded to stab Thaddeus. Even though it was Yung Mulo that stabbed Thaddeus, Rabadaba was the culprit in that situation because they came into that club as a group and went wherever Rabadaba went. Rabadaba led his crew to the Goodlyfe table where Thaddeus was hanging out with his fellow Goodlyfe crew members. If Rabadaba had found somewhere else to sit instead of getting into an altercation with Thaddeus for no reason, Yung Mulo wouldn’t have stabbed Thaddeus. If Rabadaba hadn’t approached Thaddeus that night, Thaddeus wouldn’t have been stabbed. Therefore Rabadaba is as much to blame as Yung Mulo.

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