Zari Speaks Out On Tax Evasion

City socialite Zari Hassan has confirmed allegations that she is facing possible tax evasion charges, Red Pepper Online can exclusively report.

On Thursday morning, security operatives sealed off the ‘Boss Lady’s’ Garden city shop in Kampala over Tax Evasion amounting to Shs100m.

Zari is in trouble over tax evasion
Zari is in trouble over tax evasion

Zari confirmed this on her twitter account @Zarithebosslady Thursday morning saying she may not enjoy Eid celebrations because of the massive debts she owes Uganda’s tax body, Uganda Revenue Authority “Am hustling it out today no Eid lunch for me” she tweeted.

She however promised to pay back what she owes as a ‘responsible citizen.

“Damn taxes hitting me hard in ma butt, revenue guys aint sparing me. Eish! Ama sort it out as responsible citizen.” Zari tweeted Thursday.

The socialite is known for her flashy and opulent lifestyle and this news comes as a shock to many. What waits to be seen however is if she will live up to her promise to ‘sort it out as a responsible citizen’.

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