BITTER! Chameleone Sues Radio Station, Demands Shs100M

A story is told that early this year singer Jose Chameleone reportedly bumped into Ssuubi FM boss’s wife Babirye at Greenhill Academy in Kibuli. Both have kids there.

Jose Chameleone  (L) has sued Suubi FM station for defamation and is now demanding shs100 million in damages.
Jose Chameleone (L) has sued Suubi FM for defamation and is now demanding shs100 million in damages.

Babirye asked Chameleone to go and say hi to her kid saying he (kid) is a Chameleone fan. Chameleone in reply told Babirye that it’s the kid to come and say hi to him as per Buganda culture.

This got Babirye so annoyed and her kid started to cry because his star had refused to greet him. It is said that Babirye went ahead and waged a war against the singer on their radio Ssuubi FM.

On February 26, 2013, one Mark Mugabi through the program ‘Kulikayo Baby’ claimed that Chameleone violently assaulted pupils of Greenhill Academy who had surrounded him while he was picking his son Abba Marcus Mayanja.

Disturbed by this, Chameleone went to the school and secured a letter from the Head Teacher Stephen Mwesigwa exonerating him from any wrong doing.

The singer then stormed Ssuubi radio studios in Namirembe and demanded an apology.

After the radio station issued an apology, the singer went ahead, through his lawyers Wamimbi & Co. Advocates, and sued the station for defamation and is now demanding shs100 million in damages.

3am has landed on a letter by Chameleone’s lawyers demanding an apology from Ssuubi FM in print media, radio and television.

It partly reads: “Your imaginary and baseless accusations portrayed our client as an irresponsible parent of violent predisposition who should never be allowed in the company of children. We have also been instructed to demand from you Ugx100m being compensation as a direct result of your mischief.”

An insider revealed to us that Ssuubi FM boss Ahmed Bogere Masembe has been sending people to Chameleone for a settlement out of court but to no avail.

A Leone Island source tells us that Chameleone is well aware that Babirye comes from the very loaded family of Hajji Haruna Segawa of Hanna High School.

“Chameleone knows very well he will get good money from this,” the Leone Island source told us.

Meanwhile in the latest development we have learnt that Chameleone music has been banned from the radio station. Sources from Chameleone’s camp reveal that the singer is not even bothered by this development.

“He is looking at the money,” the source said.

10 thoughts on “BITTER! Chameleone Sues Radio Station, Demands Shs100M

  1. that chamilion if its true that you are demanding money which is not belongs to him,he should be going to hell,and i no longer like him just to say hi to young kid ..whom do you think you are

  2. Yeah Jose Chameleon i support you 1000% times to sue these guys of Subi Fm, we have many comedians than real journalists working on the radio stations tell all the lies.Even if one weird radio station whose listener-ships is cartoon decided to ignore the music Dr’s music, Chameleon has gone beyond radio play Hence he is looking at the big picture.Tugende tukole Leone Island forever.

  3. I can see chameleon not realistic, he should actually settle the case amicably if it indeed hurt his repute which i also doubt. Then, just recently chameleon killed a person in his seguku home, this is still fresh in people’s minds and a clear indication that he either isn’t any perfect. Does chameleon think the dead person had no one that loved him? we all read the many contraversies.

  4. Chameleon is a bully I used to think it was a sibling problem with his brother but now I have a reason to hate him….

  5. Jose isn’t looking for money but this will be an example to all media mofos that they have to know there limits n stop making free money out of someone’s life n worst case making up shitty stories!

    1. please use appropriate language thats why your comment in response to mine was deleted by the editor.

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