Masaka Girl Jailed For Murdering Dad

Masaka High Court has sentenced 18 year old Hafuwa Namata to 6 hours imprisonment for killing her father who had been raping her.

Namata (L) being led to Court.
Namata (L) being led to Court.

Court presided over by Lady Justice Margaret Oguli Ouma, heard that on May 8, 2013 Hafuwa Namata killed her father Ahmed Majwaala (58) by hacking him to death with a machete.

Prosecution led by the State Prosecutor Peter Mugisha explained to Court that Namata had been provoked by the repeated abuse she had been subjected to by her father.

Mugisha produced a charge and statement that showed that the deceased (Majwaala) had on several occasions abused Namata.

Majwaala had also gone ahead to father children with three of Namata’s elder sisters through raping them.

Namata did not deny the offence but said in her statement to the Court that on the night she killed her father, he had again attempted to rape her.

She said that he had sneaked into the room she shared with her mother Halima Nalukwago (56) and three other grandchildren and tried to initiate sex with her.

Namata further revealed to Court that her father had sired two children with her sister Zaituni Nalugemwa, two with Sarah Namukasa and one child with Mariam Nanyange.

The women are her elder sisters.

Namata, who is seven months pregnant, said she was tired of her father forcing them to bear children for him. She claims the pregnancy is her father’s.

It was her seven months pregnancy that prompted the Non-Government Organisation (NGO) MIFUMI to lodge a protest with police over Namata‘ s prolonged remand in Masaka Prison.

In her judgment, Justice Oguli Ouma condemned the increasing cases of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual harassment among children. She said parents should be the first defenders of children and it was a shame that Majwaala had instead preyed on his own children.

Justice Oguli ruled that the since the accused had pleaded guilty, she should serve a sentence from 11am to 5pm today after which she should be set free.

Namata’s elder brothers led by Umar Lugemwa welcomed the court ruling as a relief since their family had already suffered greatly at the hands of the deceased.

Namata’s family resides in Kasana Village in Nyendo/Ssenyange Division, Masaka.

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  1. i dont concur with wat the father was doing, but i am greatly disappointed with the way the judge handled the case. first, the girl claims she was being raped by the dad at the point she killed him-where is the evidence that this was happening (the rape) ie injuries on her? the girl claims that 2 of her children are her dad’s–was a dna done with 2 other children from the sisters she claims were for the dad? in her statement Namata said that he(the dad) had sneaked into the room she shared with her mother Halima Nalukwago (56) and three other grandchildren and tried to initiate sex with her–where was Halima and other people at the time of the incident, since they share the same room?–I am just being objective here–our children are also funny (kill dad, slander him with rape, and get his property–i have seen such happen!!!

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