Club Music Videos Awards: Naava, Keko Positive

Voting is going on  for the Club Music Video Awards.

The awards that attracted over 800 entries will be judged and winners announced on September 20,we will be able to know exactly who wins in Uganda’s inaugural Club Music Video Awards.

Red Pepper online team spared some time and met some of the artistes who were nominated for the awards and asked them about the awards.


Uganda's female rapper Keko
Uganda’s female rapper Kekotop


Nominated for Female Video of the year ‘Let Me Go’

Features in: Best Directing by Thorn Bubble Films for the Video ‘Let Me Go’

I expect to win, I also expect to see a good videos featuring as well as good show in the Club Music Video Awards. While making my video I basically followed the storyline, the theme is going from a dark place to a place of light and then back to darkness. You can also see it in the color scheme from black and white and then back to black and white.  I really worked with a good team that worked very hard during the shoot and knew exactly what they wanted to do.

Creativity is key, for any Ugandan music videos because it is not about having a huge budget, if anything, you can get great videos on the smallest budget. The Club Music Videos among other things will help more artistes to make efforts to up their game while producing their music videos.

Naava Grey

Songstress Naava Grey
Songstress Naava Grey


  • New Comer of the year for Nteredde,
  • Female  Video of the year for Nteredde

Features in:

Best Special Effects by Atarodo Films for the Video Ninga Omuloge

An artist is supposed to be involved in the whole process and to make sure they give an idea of what exactly they are looking for that is what I believe will make a good Ugandan Music Video.  For instance in one of the songs Ninga Omuloge I wanted to show how love can make someone do crazy things and in a sense “bewitching” them and that had to be brought out in the video.

The songs were hits before but we didn’t have a visual story to match them. So we decided to produce videos for them and in the process do something different. We also wanted to do something different.

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