DIE I GET RICH: Man Beheads Wife In Ritual Sacrifice

Patrick Ngobi is being held at Kamuli Central police post after he was accused of killing his wife in a ritual sacrifice.


This nasty act took place on Wednesday night September 18 in Nabitaama village, Mbulamuti Sub County, Kamuli district.

Olivia Nabirye was killed by her husband on the instructions of the yet to be identified witchdoctor.

It is believed that the witchdoctor told Patrick that he would get rich if he sacrifices his wife.

Samson Lubega, the Busoga region police spokesperson said that Ngobi was picked up this morning after his wife’s head was found lying in a pool of blood at their marital home in Nabitaama village.

He further said that during interrogations, Ngobi told police that he beheaded his wife to fulfill demands and the covenant he made with spirits in a shrine of an unidentified witch doctor.

Ngobi further narrated that the spirits particularly instructed him to behead Nabirye and carry her head to the shrine as proof that he had fulfilled the covenant.

Samuel Lugendo, the Mbulamuti Sub County LC3 Chairman said that the residents are still in shock after receiving news that Ngobi had beheaded his wife yet he was seen as a calm and responsible person.

Nabirye is survived by four children she produced with the suspect.

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