Doreen Kabareebe: Why Is It That Every Man I Meet Wants Me?

Tired city model Doreen Kabareebe is lost for answers lately; she has failed to understand what men want from her according to her social media rants.

Men confuse Doreen Kabareebe
Men confuse Doreen Kabareebe

“Why is it that every man I meet wants me? Please guys I can’t get married to the whole world and besides I have my life on the prize,” Doreen cried out.

Doreen thinks that being friendly to everyone has made her loved and liked by every man he meets.

“Am very kind and friendly, yes but please don’t mistake me, the world has called me all sorts of names.”

Doreen during her hey- days
Doreen during her hey- days

Apparently, Doreen whose sojourn at Nkumba University lasted a lengthy five years was warned by a married Ghanaian man who swore to lay her down at any cost.

“I have grown up seeing all these things. Money cannot excite me; I have a “vision” and besides I am happily booked so don’t expect me to sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry. Married men, please respect your wives, I have a right to reject any man because I already have one,” roared Doreen.

Doreen Kabareebe came to lime light when her almost nude pictures with singer Jose Chameleone leaked to the media.

Doreen and Chameleone's infamous squeeze.
Doreen and Chameleone’s infamous squeeze.

She is also well known for dating loaded Zungus who are always in the country for holidays.

Do you really think that Doreen is very sexy, hot and romantic to be wanted by every man?

17 thoughts on “Doreen Kabareebe: Why Is It That Every Man I Meet Wants Me?

  1. i dont think they want her for serious relationship as she claims but may be to lay her down on bed,

      1. Surely, she is beautful. nze mwana nkegomba! Doreen its ur life but if u dont mind, plz share wiz me ur contact. I am a good counsellor and believe me u wont regret my word. God bless u dear & to be honest u’re worth having someone to settle wiz for the future.

  2. No men just like to use n dump her .She’s not a marriage material n no man can propose to her.Alimba yetaasa tewali ayagala muwasa .Bamwagala ko ka kiyaye.

    1. ghananians have sworn to lay her at any price. so let her not waste time, and name what it costs.

  3. People should just leave her alone. I am sure, she already has a Tutsi future husband arranged for her. Those people are loyal to their own. She might even marry you or take your money. But will always return to her community. So, please, especially non-Tutsi steer clear of her..

      1. Indeed, let her go those men who can’t breath through the nose(always mouth open) and spittling all over the place.

  4. Hahaha…..when was the last time a lady asked that again???? Lol….the most honest answer since you asked is because you dont have any self respect……a metaphor…..every bar girl is wanted by people not because they want them for keeps =D…..

  5. My dear this your time,its better to get one of them other wise in five years time or more you only wish if someone say award but no more . if seen a lots people who were like you but right now are wishing but no more

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