Ebonies Set For UK and UAE Tour

The Ebonies in Ensabattula
The Ebonies in Ensabattula

After their successful tour of Rwanda, The East African leading Drama, T.V and Film Group “The Ebonies” are set for United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates .

Ebonies Manager Sam Bagenda a.k.a. Dr. Bbosa  said that a contingent of  42 Artistes  will jet in United Kingdom aboard Qatar Airways   on 23rd September .
The Ebonies will put up a thrilling performance specially produced for United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates audiences “Ensabattula”   in London at Manor Park Royal Regency Hall  East London  on  28th  September at 6.00.p.m.
The group will again put up another performance of “Ensabattula” in Dubai United Arab Emirates on 5th October at “ She at the Lodge hall  “  at 6.00.pm.
The Ebonies will be accompanied by celebrity artistes like : Bobi wine, Ragadee, Catherine Kusaasira and Faridah Mbabazi among others.
Besides Celebrity accompanying  Artistes, Londoners and people of Dubai will not miss watching Ebonies re-known  stars like : Julie Underwood (Shallon), Olanya, Victoria Nakabuye (Sophie) Paul Jjingo (Banabas ) Kutte, Lindo, and many others.
While in London and Dubai, the Ebonies  will also have a chance to film parts of their Christmas and New Years production  and their weekly TV series OMG.

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