Kibaale District: Man Operates His Wife

Mujib a resident of Kabulubutu Butologo Sub County in Mubende District operated his wife’s dead body in an effort to remove the fetus.

Mujib Operated his wife's dead body in an effort to remove the fetus
Mujib Operated his wife’s dead body in an effort to remove the fetus

This terrible act happened on Sunday morning September 1.

After the death of his pregnant wife, Mujib decided to operate on her in order to remove the fetus such that it can be buried separately.

He successfully removed the fetus and buried it. He then took the remains of his wife to her parent’s home in Kyabasaiaja village in Bwanswa Sub County in Kibaale district for burial on Monday evening September 2.

Drama ensued when the relatives of Mujib’s wife discovered a huge cut on her abdomen.

This raised fear that their daughter could have been killed in cold blood.

Led by Christopher Mutaale, the father of the deceased, the swung into action and tasked Mujib to explain the cut on the abdomen of his wife.

Mujib was even tasked to avail a medical report proving that his wife was operated but Mujib could not.

Mujib was then whisked off to police since the angry relatives were ready to tear him into pieces.

Charles Okello, the Officer in charge of Kakumiro Police station said that a postmortem examination carried on the deceased showed that her uterus was burst and fetus removed.

He further said that the postmortem report also showed that the deceased had excessive blood clots, though it does not indicate whether the deceased was operated before or after death.

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