Kigezi Diocese Fire: Priest, 3 Others Caged

Reverend Edison Turyatunga, a chaplain at Uganda College of Commerce Kabale is among four people arrested in connection with the burning of Kigezi Diocesan offices, south western Uganda.

On Thursday, fire burnt the office of the Diocesan secretary for Kigezi Diocese. The fire destroyed a computer, seats, a printer and documents.

Reverand Turyatunga
Reverend Turyatunga has been arrested in connection with the fire

The others arrested include; John Magezi, the head of security at the Kigezi Diocese offices, Geofrey Turyatunga, a guard working with Security 2000 and Robert Kibaabi, a businessman.

According to Elly Maate, the Kigezi regional Police spokesperson says Police have received information that the four might have participated in the act.

“Reverend Turyatunga and others have been collecting signatures from the Christians across the Diocese in protest of the election of Bishop George Bagamuhunda.” Maate said.

The interior of the burnt offices.
The interior of the burnt offices.

Bagamuhunda was elected in July to take over from Bishop George Katwesigye who retires next year.

Maate added “Police is also carrying out investigations to find those who have been inciting Christians to reject Bishop-elect Bagamuhunda.”


Close to 600 signatures have been collected to petition the Province of the Church of Uganda over the election of Canon George Bagamuhunda as Bishop of Kigezi.

The priests fault top management of the Diocese of having a hand in the fire because they have failed to account for 600 million shillings meant for the construction of the revival centre.

Kigezi Diocese Bishop-elect George Bagamuhunda. Some Christians  accuse the Bishop elect of conniving with his predecessor to swindle million of shillings.
Kigezi Diocese Bishop-elect George Bagamuhunda. Some Christians accuse the Bishop elect of conniving with his predecessor to swindle million of shillings.

The Diocese of Kigezi has been in confusion since last year with the Christians and clergy accusing outgoing bishop, George Katwesigye of fronting Canon Bagamuhunda as his successor.

Those opposed to the appointment of the new bishop insist that his election will greatly affect the Diocese on grounds that he has been conniving with Bishop Katwesigye to embezzle funds meant for the water and sanitation program in the Diocese.

Bagamuhunda is expected to visit the Diocese on Monday.

Several incidents of fire have been reported in Kigezi diocese this year. The first one was in May at Kabale All Saints Church as Christians demanded for the transfer of their priest after he had allegedly swindled 20 million shillings meant for church construction. Another incident took place at the Diocesan Bookshop in Kabale town which is also believed to have been burnt by Christians opposed to the outgoing bishop.

Two incidents have taken place at the Diocesan head quarters where suspected arsonists set fire on the Bishop’s vehicles on August 8th and then the burning of the Diocesan Secretary’s office on Thursday.



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  1. The STORY of Kigezi Diocese is funny because the Diocesan Administrators at Rugarama are fighting amongst themselves.The Reverend now arrested is innocent the Problem is at Rugarama where the Bishop Katwesigye and his men Pastors are trying to hide many evidence concerning how he has swindled the funds of water project with the new Bishop Elect bAGAMUHUNDA
    the diocese is fond of burning houses and offices inn order to hide information which they fear to incriminate them case in place All Saints Church was burnt by the Rugarama Reverend Pastors,Book Shop in Kabale town the Rugarama burnt it,Kabale Primary School Rugarama burnt it Kabale district Health Offices was burnt by People from Rugarama to hide information all wanting to hide information about money of Health Kabale district.So Rugarama is fond of burning Houses and offices in order to dupe people that are innocent.The New Elect Bishop is the Problem People don’t want him and Katwesigye wants him together with his few friends in the diocese more fire expected from Rugarama.

  2. This man should be handled accordingly we have been confused over power struggles in the sheep of GOD

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