Muhoozi Not Interested In Presidency- Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda. UN Photo/Sarah Fretwell
President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda. UN Photo/Sarah Fretwell

President Yoweri Museveni has dismissed claims he was grooming his son to take over from him  while speaking to Al Jazeera on Sunday 29

His Excellency who has been in the US where he addressed the UN General Assembly, met US President Barrack Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

“That man (Muhoozi Kainerugaba) is an army officer. He is not interested in politics in Uganda,” Museveni told the interviewer.

“Uganda is one of the freest countries in the world,” he said when asked about media freedom.  He said

“Uganda has made very big progress from where it has come from, with all indictators like primary education, infant mortality and HIV rates showing huge progress” Museveni told Al Jazeera

5 thoughts on “Muhoozi Not Interested In Presidency- Museveni

  1. If he is not interested why is he holding meetings with some MPs and mobilizing youths which are not activities of a serving army officer? Anyway we would not expect you to agree with Sejjusa’s allegations since you refused even the state organs to investigate after he wrote that now famous letter.That is why it went public because he may have felt that the issue was being swept under the carpet.

  2. Believe him on this,then you are as well doomed.I mean this man is completely devoid of truth and shame. To the West he is a progressive leader/ruler, but we in Uganda and the region have born his crueality and despotic ruler, together with the destruction of our country..corruption, nepotism,mismanagement of state affairs, etc….

  3. George Bush was President of the USA, His son became one, Bill Clinton was president
    his wife stood in for residency and lost, why do u think this chap cannot run for that office? Isn’t he a Ugandan above 18? being the presidents does not disqualify any one from serving his country. Let Ugandans voteand let the electro commission be faithful this time around. I support him 100%

    1. How i wish all Ugandan were reasoning like you. For sure all we need in our country is self confidence in our political gender but not being over run by media. Every Ugandan has a right to rule provided you full qualifications. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.

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