Masaka LC Tasks FUFA To Ban Referees

Masaka LC FC wants the local football governing body FUFA to ban two match officials for alleged incompetence. They are Robert Donni and Jonah Sseruwu. The duo is accused of mishandling a match between Masaka LC FC and Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA on Friday at Masaka recreation grounds, which led to violent reactions from fans.

The referees in question Robert Donni(2rd Right) and Jonah Sseruwu(Middle) at kickoff
The referees in question Robert Donni(3rd Right) and Jonah Sseruwu(Middle) at kickoff

It all started after Robert Donni, the center referee ended the match shortly after KCCA snatched a late goal to win the match 2-1. Angry football fans descended on the pitch and beat up the match officials. It took the intervention of anti riot police, which fired teargas to save the referees from the wrath of the angry residents.

Both the KCCA coach and Masaka LC FC technical bench have condemned the mediocre manner, in which the officials handled the super league game and want them banned. Paddy Ssenkungu, an official of Masaka LC and James Kisekka, club head coach are accusing the officials of match fixing.

Kisekka claims that Robert Donni, the Center referee and his assistant Jonah Sseruwu left over 20 foils committed by KCCA players go unpunished. Kisekka says that he saw four fouls committed to Masaka LC players in the 16 yard box, which called for both red cards and penalties but nothing happened.

He says this was unprofessional. Paddy Ssenkungu claims the match officials were substandard.  Ssekungu says they plan to petition FUFA to investigate both officials adding that, they could have used for lack of qualified referees.

Tom Bukenya, the former Masaka FUFA Delegate says the match fell below the required standard. He says there was neither a match assessor nor commissioner, which is a prerequisite before any game starts. Ismael Kyeyune, a football fan in Masaka says poor refereeing is killing their morale to watch local matches.

He says they will not hesitate to lynch match officials should such an incident reoccur in the future.

George Nsimbe, the KCCA head coach says despite the fact that they won, the game was poorly handled. He says he agrees with Masaka LC FC that the referees should be banned.

However, Robert Donni, the embattled Center referee defends his action. He says he handled the game as professional as possible. He says in some incidents, he depended on his assistants. Donni also says he is ready to defend his actions The controversial loss means Masaka LC FC has lost four games and only managed one win.

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