MPs Query Kyankwanzi Funding

The public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Thursday asked government to explain why it continues to spend hefty amounts of money on the National Leadership Institute, Kyankwanzi –NALI.

PAC members quizzing State House officials
PAC members quizzing State House officials

According to the Auditor General’s report for the financial year ending June 2011, the Kyankwanzi institute received one billion shillings without any legal backing from government.

It also receives monies from participants and organisations for training. The Auditors could not audit the resources because it is not a public institution.

PAC chairperson Kasiano Wadri asked what the Ministry of Public Service is doing to legalise the existence of NALI and ensure it’s adequately funded and audited.

In response Haji Kakande Yunus, the undersecretary Finance and Administration in the Office of the President, explained that the Ministry of Public Service in the financial year 2012/2013 started the process of reviewing the structure and staffing levels at the institute. This will be considered under the comprehensive restructuring report which is yet to be submitted to Cabinet for approval.

Wadri wondered if a Cabinet directive is equal to an Act of Parliament.

Paul Mwiru, the PAC Vice chairperson, also asked where money for buying uniforms comes from since some MPs boast that they own ten uniforms, yet when it comes to army officers and men, government claims to have no money to purchase duty uniforms.

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Matsiko, the Commissioner Patriotism in the Office of the President, explained that the uniforms given to graduates of Kyankwanzi are often bought by the sponsoring agency. They also get express permission from the army to acquire the uniforms for purposes of training.

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  1. Kyankwanzi is not a public institution but a private NRM Party institution under the duty obligation of the Parties expense and not the Funds from the National Treasury.It is not budgeted buy the National Budget and getting funds for Kyankwanzi from the Nation Budget is cheating and the one doing this should be prosecuted in the courts of law charged of stealing Government funds.

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