MPs Warn Nyombi Over Parliament Summons

Ugandan Lawmakers on the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee  have warned the country’s embattled Attorney General Peter Nyombi for continuously disregarding parliamentary summons saying it has hindered their work.

The Attorney General Peter Nyombi
The Attorney General Peter Nyombi

According to the lawmakers, compilation of their report on the petition by former workers of the Coffee Marketing Board is still pending because the AG has constantly disregarded their summons.

Stephen Tashobya, the committee chairman says the committee is under pressure from Parliament and that Ugandans expect their cases to be handled when they petition the House, a fact he says Nyombi should understand since he is a former chairman of the committee.

“AG Nyombi has been invited several times but has failed to appear and has not given any reason to the committee explaining his absence.” Tashobya said.

However, the MPs proposed that Nyombi be given one more chance saying his input is important for their report.

Busiro South MP Medard Sseggona said the Committee has had difficulty getting the AG, but suggested that members invite him one other time before they conclude on the matter.

Ajuri County MP Denis Hamson Obua also said the Committee cannot proceed without the input of the Nyombi since Uganda Registration Services Bureau had in their submission accused the Attorney General of approving the fees that was awarded.

Bugweri MP Abdu Katuntu said it doesn’t have to be Nyombi to appear but any representative from that office. He said the committee sends summons to the office of the Attorney General not to Peter Nyombi.

The MPs agreed to give the office of the Attorney General up to Tuesday to present their submission lest they write their report without their input.

The AG was summoned to answer queries related to the 12 billion shillings that was approved to be awarded to a law firm that represented former workers of Coffee Marketing Board, but is disputed by the liquidator, Uganda Registration Services Bureau.

The members said the Uganda Registration Services Bureau said that the fee was approved by the Attorney General and verified by the Auditor General so the former needed to clarify on how the money was reached at.

Former workers of Coffee Marketing Board sued government demanding for compensation when it was liberalised in 1992 and rendered the workers redundant.

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  1. It is true most criminals in Uganda today are the NRM party members and supporters and when accused in the courts of law are acquitted because the order is from one man for releasing.Nyombi will not respond to Parliament summons unless allowed by President Museveni.

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