Muruli Mukasa: Sejusa Did Not Seek Permission To Leave

Ugandan Minister for Security Muruli Mukasa, has declared that  renegade Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) General David Sejusa never sought permission from his office before leaving the country. 

The Security Minister is the political overseer of the Intelligence Co-ordinator’s office which General Sejusa headed before he was replaced.

Security Minister Muruli Mukasa
Security Minister Muruli Mukasa

Mukasa went further to say that Sejusa never consulted with the Office of the President about his trip out of the country in June 2013.

Mukasa made the declarations while meeting Members of Parliament (MPs) on Tuesday evening over the Defence Ministry’s policy statement.

MPs had requested for a statement from government on the status and whereabouts of General David Sejusa, the former Intelligence Co-ordinator.

Sejusa has regularly issued statements purportedly from London, England where he is said to be in hiding.

Sejusa claims he fears for his personal safety if he tried to return to Uganda.

But Mukasa instead asked the MPs to direct the question of Sejusa’s whereabouts to the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga.

Efforts to get a comment from General Sejusa’s lawyer Joseph Luzige were unsuccessful as he did not return our calls.

Renegade General David Sejusa
Renegade General David Sejusa

It should be noted that the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) General Katumba Wamala and the army spokesperson Paddy Ankunda are the other officials to have commented on Sejusa’s absence.

Wamala said that the army had requested for legal advice on how to proceed against Sejusa if he continued to neglect his duties.

Sejusa is an army representative in Parliament.

Ankunda said that the army was opposed to Parliament granting Sejusa an extension of his leave from his MP duties.

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  1. I do enjoy clowns like Muruli Mukasa and even Gen Wamala Katumba, not forgetting yet another spin UPDF spokesperson, Lt. Col. Ankunda. These guys really don’t know what they are saying, but may be are trying to tell us they indeed know or are influential by virtue of their appointments.Most sad of all is Katumba Wamala, who is a very good military officer but wrongly used to say and do what he would like to do consciously.

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