Ntoroko District: No Health workers, Hospitals Closed

According to the rate of unemployment that is in Uganda today, this sound strange but it is true.

Ntoroko District is falling short of medical workers
Ntoroko District is falling short of medical workers

A few months ago, Ntoroko district advertised the available jobs in the medical sector but surprisingly up to now the district has not received any applications to fill the blank slots.

The advertised slots were; 15 midwives, 3 medical officers and 10 clinical officers.

This situation cleary shows that the medical field in the country falls short of professionals.

The lack of health workers has forced the district to declare some of the health centres closed.

Nombe, Itojo, Kanara and Kibuku health centres have been closed until further notice because there are no health workers to attend to patients.

It is believed that one health work in Ntoroko can treat over 70 patients a day. This is so hectic and tiresome and unacceptable.

Margaret Baguma, a resident of Kibuku says that for one month now residents especially pregnant mothers have been accessing treatment at Rwebisengo health centre III, which is 15 kilometers away from Kibuku.

Ntoroko District Health Officer Dr. Felix Mugenyi has confirmed that the health department in the district is understaffed.

Out of 100% staffing, only 20% of the required staff is available and this is against the national average of 65% staffing.

Dr. Felix Mugenyi further said that; “This has greatly affected the functionality and operation of the health centres in the district as they continue to provide poor services.”

Poor working conditions is one of the reasons that is spearheading the shortage of workers in the district.

“Seven nurses left the district for other jobs, citing lack of accommodation and often complained of fatigue and lack of rest,” said Dr. Felix Mugenyi

Some of the health workers clearly state that it’s impossible for them to work for longer hours because they have to travel long distances to get back to their homes.

Mugenyi has assured the health workers that they will receive incentives like increasing their allowances and improving the working conditions.

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