Rwandan Refugee Disappears Mysteriously In Uganda

A Rwandese refugee Andrew Muhanguzi has gone missing after he failed to return home in Ntinda, a Kampala suburb on Monday  prompting questions as to his whereabouts and raising fear from his family.

FAMILY PICTURE second left is Andrew Muhanguzi who is missing and in white shirt is Moses Musoneza.
FAMILY PICTURE second left is Andrew Muhanguzi who is missing and in white shirt is Moses Musoneza.

Muhanguzi and his family of eight members fled their country early last year alleging that President Paul Kagame’s government had a plan
of assassinating them.

One of the family members Moses Musoneza who came to our offices yesterday, explained that, they learnt of the assassination plot after his brother John Bosco Gasasira a renowned Kagame’s critic staying in Sweden caused the deportation of Rwanda Government’s top official  Evode Mudaheranwa.

“Our ordeal began the day our brother Gasasira exposed Evode as a spyin Sweden and how he was torturing most of the Rwandese there,”
Musoneza said.

He also showed us scars on his leg and shoulder which he got after being detained in Rwanda and tortured in a safe house but received no
medical treatment.

Musoneza added that, since they came to Uganda life has not been easy as Rwanda State Agents continue to trail them and highly suspect that
their brother Muhanguzi could have been kidnapped.

But when we contacted the Rwandan Ambassador Maj. Gen Frank Mugambagye to substantiate the claims, he said, “I don’t respond to allegations” before hanging up.

Musoneza further said that, in Ntinda they live indoors and rarely get out and had on many occasions warned their brother of exposing himself before he disappeared. He said they reported the case to Kyanja police post and the OC promised launch investigations but are yet to get feedback.

“Up to now Police has not got back to us,” he said. Musoneza noted that he carries his identity card which shows his refugee status, and indeed he looked at it.

This development comes high on heels of the UN concerns about the “disappearance or abduction” in Uganda of three Rwandan refugees,
including two ex-presidential guards and subsequently calling for investigations  but President Kagame denied he was involved.


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  1. If those people think that they run away and hide behind Museveni for safety must be sick in their minds

  2. Why should relatives of Jean Bosco Gasasira be victims of his Kagame critiquing; its unfair it true

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