SAUL BECOMES PAUL: Afande Omara Gets Saved

Police operations commander for Kampala Metropolitan Sam Omara has given his life to Christ and accepted salvation.

Police operations commander for Kampala Metropolitan Sam Omara shares a light moment with Lord Mayor Lukwago.
Police operations commander for Kampala Metropolitan Sam Omara shares a light moment with Lord Mayor Lukwago.

Omara unexpectedly turned up at pastor Aloysius Bujingo’s Bombo road-based House of Prayer Ministries and addressed excited born again Christians during the Sunday service.

Dressed in a black suit, gigantic Omara took advantage of the testimony-giving session and joined the long queue of Christians who were coming to share the good things God had done for them in the last seven days.

“I’m Afande Sam Omara. Your friend and I’m here to testify about God’s goodness,” Omara announced attracting spontaneous cheers from thousands of Christians who had assembled for the service. At this church, worshippers sit wherever they find space, regardless of one’s social status. There is nothing like a section or special recognition designated for VIPs like Omara.

There was deafening silence: you would hear a pin drop as the hitherto much-feared policeman ran through his testimony.

Many worshippers stood up and stretched their necks to confirm if this was the Omara they always see brutally silencing Col Kizza Besigye and other “trouble-causing protesters” on their TV sets.

Omara, who spoke for about 10 minutes to a parked congregation, enumerated the good things God has done for him including the favor which he claimed had resulted in him being the most adored policeman in Kampala today. He said even when a few people think he is brutal, majority Kampalans like him.

“I have found a lot of favor even amongst my bosses,” Omara said in broken Luganda.

This favor, he said, was demonstrated a few days ago when IGP Kale Kayihura accepted his pleas to go on leave. He said: “senior officers of my rank and beyond can only have their leave sanctioned by the IGP and to my surprise he finally signed my leave allowing me to be off duty for 30 days.”

Omara said this is rarely done especially for exceptionally talented officers like himself who are always required to tame unpredictable rioters in Kampala.

God’s favor has also manifested itself in material things Omara has been getting of late. He spoke of a male secret admirer who jetted into the country recently to purposely donate a huge piece of land to him in Kampala. The donor came all the way from America and drove Omara to Nabbingo where he demarcated for him a huge piece of land and even handed over the title.

Omara said he is now praying for God’s providence to immediately begin building and have his first personal house in Kampala. “Then the other day somebody came to me saying ‘Afande you deserve a better phone’ and he donated to me this cute phone you see and it’s valued at Shs1.3m. I upgraded from Kabiriti without paying even a coin,” Omara said as ushers shoveled him to summarize his testimony in the interest of time.

Omara made it clear he was now a permanent member of this church, joining many other VIPs and celebrities who fellowship there every Sunday. It will remain to be seen how Omara, who has always blocked Besigye from leaving his home, will reflect this newly found spiritual devotion in his future operational work.

9 thoughts on “SAUL BECOMES PAUL: Afande Omara Gets Saved

  1. Drama, Omara is not a bad man, whatever he does is for the benefit of Ugandans and also in obedience of orders. To say Saul becomes Paul is like saying a bad man has turned to become good.

  2. poor readers! thsi guy has been a mulokole since i knew him. But that is not the point . I think this guy faked the ‘admirer’ thing so he is not investigated for assets he owns. This whole thing is a hoax meant to dupe the gullible public into believing such a thing happened when in fact it never. Never.

  3. The truth of the matter is that Omara executes his duties professionally.He is a calm guy,that why he never brutalizes any one.He is not a tyrant like most police men from the west

  4. When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12)

  5. As a public officer he should hand over whatever he receives in that capacity worth over UGX 50K to government, as provided by the Leadership Code.

  6. ” a male secret admirer flew in Uganda with proposed donation of land in Kampala”
    That is indeed a disturbing cover up which should be investigated without delay.

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