Students Hold Head Teacher Hostage

United Academy secondary school in Kakumiro town in Kibaale was a scene of drama on Wednesday morning after angry senior four students held the school director hostage.

It all started after more than 20 senior four candidates raided the school accusing Peter Twesige, the school director of extortion and failing to register them for the Uganda Certificate of education-UCE 2013.

The students who found Twesige conducting a lesson in one of the classes dragged him out and started assaulting him.

They accused him of embezzling their examination registration fees. Each of the students allegedly paid 360,000 shillings but they were not registered. Julius Asiimwe, one of the student leaders said that the school administration claims to have registered them at Bright Star Secondary School in Mubende town council.

He however, said that they were frustrated when they went there on Monday but were turned away on that grounds that Twesige had not paid a single coin.

They also claimed that Twesige collected 40,000 shillings from each student claiming it was for organizing practical lessons and extra lesson but to date nothing has been done.

Students reported the matter at Kakumiro police station and the director was given only four days to rectify the situation in vain.

After a standoff of about five hours, the students hired a small car and dragged Twesige to Mubende Police staying saying police in Kibaale has failed to help them.

Eunith Ayebale, the head teacher at United Academy secondary school confirmed that students paid the examination fees in time but the director failed to clear the balance at the examination center.

Ayebale says the students turned violent and took the director hostage demanding for a clear account of what was happening.

Twesige who had his hands tied with ropes in a saloon vehicle was barred by the angry students from speaking to anyone as they threatened to lynch him.

Titus Namonyo, thee officer in charge criminal investigations Desk at Kakumiro police station condemned the conduct of the student says are likely to face charges of abduction and assault

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  2. Humanly speaking, I think those students don’t carry much blame like the school director, if indeed he has swindled their money and failed to register them. We are here talking about their future being decided by this insensitive teacher. The students had many options that could have had far reaching effects both to the teacher and the school but preferred to deal with the individual culprit. They have some of doze of law in them. Rather than police threatening to charge students with abduction, they should investigate the teacher or else the police may worsen the situation and who knows what may happen next.

  3. charges of abduction and assault!The oc is not serious.after 4yrs of tooth and nail and you don,t register me yet i have paid every thing.
    No,no,no oooooooooooo ,thats called academic murder.

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