Teachers’ Strike: Police Grills UNATU Officials For Inciting Violence

Five Uganda National Teachers’ Union-UNATU officials in Masaka district have been interrogated by the police for allegedly inciting violence relating to the ongoing teachers’ strike.

The leaders include; Moses Nsereko Ssebuliba, the UNATU Chairperson for greater Masaka region, his deputy Geraldine Kulabiraawo and general secretary Mathias Mukasa. Others are Jascent Namugerwa, a teacher of Kyassonjo primary school and Tersisis Gayigana, the UNATU representative Kalungu district.

Mathias Mukasa and Moses Nsereko, greater Masaka UNATU Officers leaving police offices after being grilled.
Mathias Mukasa and Moses Nsereko, greater Masaka UNATU Officers leaving police offices after being grilled.

On Thursday evening, the officials were summoned at several police stations in Lwengo, Masaka and Kalungu to explain their alleged continued involvement in the nationwide strike that is now in its fifth day.

The teachers went on strike on September 16 demanding for a 20% salary increment.

Moses Nsereko Ssebuliba, the regional UNATU Chairperson says he was interrogated for close to six hours at Masaka central police station before his release on condition that he orders teachers to call off the strike.

He says he was questioned by a team of detectives led by Bernard Babu, the Deputy Masaka district Criminal Investigations officer on why he was not ending the strike even after government had declined to increase the salaries.

Speaking after his release on police bond, Nsereko however says they are determined to continue with the strike even if it means sending them to prison.

Geraldine Kulabiraawo, another UNATU official representing Lwengo district, was also arrested and grilled for several hours but released on police bond. She says police officers led by Paul Watake, the Lwengo District Police Commander grilled her for allegedly spreading harmful propaganda asking teachers not to teach.

Kulabiraawo however says although police threatened to arrest her if she didn’t ask teachers to return to classes, she waits for UNATU leadership to call off the strike.

Noah Sserunjogi, the Greater Masaka Region Police Spokesperson, says police will start arresting all teachers on Monday next week if they don’t go back to classes. He says their action of refusing to teach is sabotaging the government program on universal education.

In Mbirizi town council, Lwengo district, all the five primary schools remained closed without a  single teacher and pupil at the school. The schools are Mbirizi Muslim, Kasese, Kabarungi, Mbirizi RC and Bishop Ssenyonjo primary schools.

Janat Nabateregga, the Mbirizi Town Clerk who is leading the team to monitor the teachers’ strike in the area, says they were surprised to find no teacher at these schools. She now says they have registered all the teachers and they face dismissal from service.

6 thoughts on “Teachers’ Strike: Police Grills UNATU Officials For Inciting Violence

  1. Police officers should mid their own business, if teachers do not want to teach with reasons that the government has failed to solve arresting them will only increase violence, and we shall all join them and its when you will know how stupid your method is, i do not know who sits and plans empty plans like those of arresting sure—–i cant believe.
    Museveni said he has many teachers awaiting, why not call them and start teaching instead of arresting people,

    “He says their action of refusing to teach is sabotaging the government program on universal education.”

    can you imagine?????, who sabotages the government or Museveni programs its himself and his blind NRM ministers and Mps,
    by refusing to increase teachers salaries intentionally is one way of sabotaging his programs, he thinks teachers are too poor, to beg on knees, this time, he should learn, that there is time coming when he will not understand.
    Lastly police officers should go and teacher if they feel like.
    un like them, teachers, can not steal or take chalk home for their naked kids, like them who steal money from people every day, a police man who earns 300,000, and the end of the month might have collected 1m from stealing and some have started boda-boda, business, which teachers may not do, so let them mind what affects them. Nonsense.

  2. A supplementary budget for state house is passed in record time running in billions of shillings. This reminds me of George Orwell’s animal farm, “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others” mbu they are the brain workers. You teachers have no vision only one person in Uganda has a vision! Shame………………

  3. When Police arrest the teahers its when they will teach?why cant Police go in class ant teach?If some one nolonger want to work for you for small do you arrest him?Police why cant you arrest thieves who have stolen Gov’t money that lend to scrap donations?Who told you that we have UPE in Ug?Do you think Parents pay small money than B4 intruduction of UPE?God save Ug.

  4. That is the Uganda of today. there is no freedom of speech and lawful sit down strikes.Sham on the gov,t.
    All Ugandans should join the teachers, even the parents so that the gov,t solves this problem once and for all.
    it will not go away considering the gov,t increased taxes and people are doing it tough It has failed to fight corruption the children of the corrupt and the big guns are in private schools so they do not feel the loss of those missing school.

    You wonder how gov,t sleeps at night when Ugandans are suffering and being threaten by the police.

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