Tooro Youths Gear Up For Coronation Anniversary

Youths in Tooro Kingdom are gearing up for the 18th coronation anniversary of King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi. 

The King has dedicated this year’s anniversary to the youths in the kingdom. The celebrations are scheduled to take place on Saturday at the royal palace in Fort Portal town.

King Oyo (C) at Fort Portal Referral Hospital on Tuesday.
King Oyo (C) at Fort Portal Referral Hospital on Tuesday.

The theme of this year’s coronation anniversary is “The youth and development in Tooro Kingdom-Synergies and Challenges”.

On Tuesday, the youths kicked off the coronation week and engaged in several activities in preparation for the day. The youths erected arches made from reeds in some parts of the town. One has been erected at the entrance of the palace at Harukoto, along the Fort Portal-Kasese road, at the entrance of St John’s Cathedral Kabarole, where prayers will be held on Saturday morning.

The ritual houses, Obuju bw’emirwa, at the palace, where King Oyo will on Saturday perform rituals have been renovated by the youths. They also painted the royal platform, Omusanga, where the King sits during functions. The palace compound has been mowed.

Gerald Mukonjo, a youth in Fort Portal says that he is happy the King has recognized the importance of youth in the kingdom. He says that by dedicating his coronation anniversary to the youth, it will motivate them to take part in kingdom activities in future.

Winfred Katusabe, a student, says that it is high time the youths came out to support the King in development of the kingdom.

Anthony Kalyegera, the Tooro Kingdom youth minister, says that this year’s celebrations will bring the youth closer to the King. He says that the youths had in the past shunned kingdom activities, because they had been neglected.

Some of the activities that will precede the coronation celebrations will include the King’s tour of all the counties in the kingdom, traditional music gala, finals of the clan football tournament, a children’s party hosted by King Oyo at his palace and the closing ceremony of the African Queens and Women Cultural Leaders Network (AQWCLN) in fort portal, among others.

On Tuesday, King Oyo opened a surgical camp at Fort Portal Referral hospital, where doctors from United States of America and Mulago hospital will carry out free minor and major surgeries on patients.

King Oyo ascended to the throne in 1995 at the age of three, following the death of his father, Patrick Olimi Kaboyo to become the 12th ruler of the 180-year-old kingdom.

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