September 12, 2013

Uganda Will One Day Be M7 Free – Aide

Sarah Kagingo, the president’s special assistant on communications on Thursday  morning revealed that Uganda will one day ‘carry on without’ the man who has previously described himself as ‘Sabalwanyi’ (Chief fighter).

Sarah Kagingo
Sarah Kagingo

Kagingo was affirming a comment made by a one Immanuel Osoro Ogwal who while admitting that President Museveni is a great leader, also pointed to the fact that the Ugandan president is not immortal.

Immanuel Osoro Ogwal wrote: “There is no doubt M7 is a great leader but he is only human and mortal. Someday the country will carry on without him.”

A screen shot showing Kagingo comment and part of the conversation.
A screen shot showing Kagingo’s comment and part of the conversation.

“… It is true that one day the country will carry on without him.” Kagingo commented affirming Ogwal’s opinion.

However, she was quick to add that he has set a bar so high that one who comes after him will have an uphill task fitting in his shoes saying “And it is also true that he has raised the bar so high…”

A screen shot showing the post Kagingo made that started the whole debate.
A screen shot showing the post Kagingo made that started the whole debate.

Uganda government officials, especially those close to the president are found of dodging the issue of a Uganda without Museveni creating an impression of Uganda’s number being some kind of ‘alpha and omega’, however for Sarah Kagingo to come out and discuss the possibility of Uganda without Museveni is telling.


3 thoughts on “Uganda Will One Day Be M7 Free – Aide

  1. President M7 is a good instructor like a musician who plays well his drums and all instruments at his hands and far reaches BUT lacks best or even good dancers who can follow the rhythms of his drums , in short he can’t beat drums and dances its rhythm alone. Even in runyankole they say ‘engaro ebiri nokunabisana’, literally meaning that two hands must wash each other!!
    What I mean here, Mr M7 has tried and is still trying to bring dev’ts to our country but we people around him we are the ones sabotaging his plans with in-blood corruption,bribery,nepotism mention but a few and keep posing or pin-pointing on who did this or that?, Its high time to come out and cooperate and build our Nation to make it Pearl of Africa not ”pearl of Africa”!, Lets emulate good examples of other countries and be proud of our country Uganda.

    1. Emma we can only be proud to be Ugandans if our leaders stop to change our constitution for selfish gains and refuse to leave power.our leaders should stop to think they are the “Alpha and Omega” I think it is craze to think the President is irreplaceable.
      it is time for Uganda to move forward this mentality that the president is irreplaceable is just an illusion.
      I am very gald that even his team players are starting to realize this.

  2. Of course the days President Museveni are coming to an end and will die like any other person but most like his will be peculiarly awkward because has ruled Uganda awkwardly

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