Unplugging Uganda’s freshest Songstress Jaqee

Ugandan songstress Jaqee is a name that is not common on the Ugandan market but those who have spared some time to listen to her music can be witnesses if i say that she is a reggae star.

Jaqee is a Ugandan reggae artist based in Sweden
Jaqee is a Ugandan reggae artist based in Sweden

Jaqee is a Ugandan reggae artist based in Sweden.

Jaqee is now set to perform in London for the first in her life. She will be performing at the 11th London African Music Festival on Wednesday September 18.

She will be performing songs from her eagerly awaited new album “Yes I Am“ which will be released on September 20, written in South Africa and recorded in Jamaica. The first single from the album, ‘Drop of Water’ was released in January this year and has already over 30,000 views, Jaqee once again paired up with Swedish director Joni Huttunen.


Jaqee’s previous album ‘Kokoo Girl’ was released in 2009 on German-based Rootdown Records and voted 2010 Reggae Album of the Year by iTunes France. Her songs “Take it or Leave it” and “Land of the Free” had great success. The album was re-packaged for special release by French label Makasound for International Women’s Day in 2010.


Established on the contemporary soul scene in Sweden where Jaqee has been based since 1990, previous releases include a jazz tribute album to Billie Holiday in 2008 ‘A Letter to Billie’

A 2007 rock/blues album ‘Nouvelle D’amour’ nominated for the Swedish Grammy Award and her 2005 debut album ‘Blaqalixious’ was the winner of the 2006 Soul/Hip Hop prize at Manifest Galen and also nominated for the Swedish Grammy Awards.

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