Akena: Otunnu Should Consult

Jimmy Akena - son to former president Dr Apollo Milton Obote.
Jimmy Akena – son to former president Dr Apollo Milton Obote.

The Uganda People’s Congress—UPC leadership must engage its members when making decisions, Lira Municipality MP Jimmy Akena has said.

Akena, a son of the UPC founding leader Apollo Milton Obote, notes that the party leadership has been taking some decisions at policy level and not with party members.

He says all proposals of party activities have to be approved by the National Council and the Delegates Conference which is the final decision making body of the party.

According to Article 12.3 of the UPC party constitution, the National Council is supposed to meet at least once every year. However, ever since Olara Otunnu was elected UPC president three years ago, the National Council has not sat.

Party members from different parts of the country have put the party leadership to task to call the National Council and discuss party activities and ongoing wrangles ahead of 2016. These wrangles according to Sospater Akwenyu, a former UPC presidential candidate, are threatening to annihilate the party by wiping out its foundation.  Akwenyu says the entire party leadership has failed to give them a sense of direction.

But Okello Lucima, the party spokesperson, says there is no reason to call the National Council since they have no agenda. Lucima argues that 2016 is a date for national elections which must have substantive value, be free and fair or else it will be a repeat of previous rigged elections.

The Lira Municipality MP on the other hand says the party can claim not to have an agenda only if it has been fully redundant on all fronts and it also does not eliminate the fact that the National Council must sit annually as stipulated in the constitution.

Akena adds that a political party that is active cannot ignore an election but use it as an opportunity to renew, re-organise and connect with the electorate.

The UPC constitution states duties of the National Council among others as to ensure the implementation of the policies, decisions and programmes of the Party as laid down by the Delegates Conference and to receive reports from the Party Cabinet.

According to Lucima the party is not where it should be because of its financial constraints due to the bankrupt state of the Milton Obote Foundation, which has been starved of businesses by the ruling government.

One of the mandates of the National Council is to consider and approve the budget of the Party submitted to it by the Party Cabinet. It is also expected to raise and control the finances of the Party and consider reports and audited accounts submitted by the Party Cabinet.

This according to Akena means that if the party is going through a financial crisis, then the leadership has to call the National Council to review its budget for it to forge a way forward to resolve the crisis.

He urges UPC party members to understand their mission of improving the welfare of Ugandans despite the fact that they are not in government. This is to focus on key areas such as health, education and fighting poverty.

UPC President Olara Otunnu
UPC President Olara Otunnu

6 thoughts on “Akena: Otunnu Should Consult

  1. How can he consult. He is a dictator. Did he consult anyone to torpedo you out of the leadership. Is it because your father was a former President, which is just historical, but you are your man indeed. Me I am not a member of the congress of the people but I have some respect for you at least. Why? Because you are civilized, and have qualities of a leader at least. I have been closely observing you, if to gauge the potential or otherwise of ‘children’ of former Presidents and how they fare when given some semblance of authority, and believe me I have not found you wanting. You have self-respect, happily married, and you do not talk aimlessly. When he kicked you out, you did not cause mayhem and make a ‘fool’ of yourself as would be the case with many people in such a situation, which he perhaps wanted, and you left him to expose himself and ‘burn’ his fingers. You are a dude who can change with the times, you stuck with your old man through thick and thin, meaning you are a dutiful person [commendable in African culture], you meritiously entered Parliament through the ballot. And for God’s sake where did this guy come from to throw you out unceremoniously like that, if he is not a dictator to whom the end justifies the means. What happened to the UPC people, they used to be robust and bombastic, how did they take your situation lying down, and just kept mum, one wonders?

  2. Otunnu is on a mission to accomplish what he failed to in 1985 and that is the destruction of the UPC

  3. Mr. Luciima, the Uganda People’s Congress NC and DC cannot have no agenda to discuss amidst all this crises of failure. Do you seriously mean we would be idle if convened? At least that would offer your team an opportunity to save some face. I wonder what you see of yourselves in the political mirror. The climb down may be dry, hard and injurious. How sadistic could you be to say NC and DC have no agenda? In management parlance, the DC is like General Assembly, and NC, the Management Board which employs Secretariat. How can an employee say his employers have no agenda? This is being not only insurbodinative and naïve, but also in violation of the Party constitution. Please revise what powers the constitution assigns to NC, DC and yourself as spokes-person. Maybe you did not reflect on this analogy.

  4. Keep quiet Akena!!! You have never appreciated the fact that Otunnu won the UPC elections, and you have been fighting him from the word go. You are very selfish. From your father, to your mother, you wanted the party presidency to automatically come down to you!!! Is UPC a property of Obote’s family? You guys (the Rurangaranga camp to which you belong) have recently attempted to kick out Otunnu using un constitutional means. You created a lot of unnecessary tension in that party, because of your uncontrolled greed for power and money (supposedly flowing in through the Milton Obote Foundation – MOF). When the smart Otunnu defeated your stupid scheme, you are now claiming that he is not consulting!

    Of course I understand the need for party organs to convene and deliberate on party matters. UPC should find avenues to hold those meetings, but elements of your type who are always bent on creating divisions in opposition parties must not be allowed to prevail. You are schemers looking for any opportunity to sow discord in the party, and derail the leadership. You are shameless moles in that party – unfortunately, forces outside the party are using you to fight your own party but your greed is blinding you. Shame on you boy.

  5. Muslim (whatever that is supposed to mean), you should instead keep quiet as you seem to enjoy failure. It is clear like day and night that OO has really scored those grades-00. What haven’t we seen? from Kenyatta to Uhuru; from Eyadema to Eyadema; from Omar Bongo to Omar Bongo; from Bush to Bush….and you must have heard of a Mu…zi project nearer home. What matters is mobilization acumen, performance and delivery. When Otunnu was sacking the more acceptable personalities in his team, when those who catapulted him to Floor 6 UH were deserting him in droves, was Hon. Jimmy Akena there?

    And you naively state “…I understand the need for party organs to convene and deliberate on party matters. UPC should find avenues to hold those meetings”, which avenues other than what you call “creating tensions in the Party”, what sort of political orientation you have!!!! I repeat what I said in my earlier post…OO was availed opportunity to prove his breadth, width and depth…and we now know what exactly he is ‘capable’ of. As for you, wallow in your naivety. the Congress of the people is much larger entitry. I think OO now knows this first hand

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