Bad Black Released On Police Bond

Ugandan fugitive Shanita Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black who was yesterday arrested on suspicion of drug dealing and money laundering has been released on Police bond.

Bad Black was yesterday released on Police Bond
Bad Black was yesterday released on Police Bond

Ms Shanita Namuyimbwa who has been living in Rwanda for the past two months after arriving from Bangkok, Thailand in July 2013 was netted by police at Kigali international airport yesterday morning.

“She was released on Police bond yesterday but the investigations into the matter are still going on,” said Damas Gatare, the Rwanda Police Spokesperson in at telephone conversation with the Red Pepper Online team.

Bad Black is accused of embezzling Shs11billion from Daveshan Development Company Ltd, a real estate company, where she was a co-director and owned by her English fiancé Mr David Greenhalgh.


5 thoughts on “Bad Black Released On Police Bond

  1. Seems strange that someone who had arrest warrants issued on her for jumping bail should be given bail again? Normally having jumped bail once, then all prospects of getting bail in future are zero. Chances of bribing your way around that in Rwanda is also likely zero. Is this story for real?

    1. This story is more than strange – it cant be true. There is no way that she would have been released on bond when she is on an Interpol wanted list and has already absconded. Its either not her or she is drug running for someone very important in Uganda or Rwanda and they dont want her activities to be exposed.

  2. I thought she was supposed to be handed over to Ug police since she was on the wanted list by Interpol as owing to a request from Ug? I sense some corruption here. Someone might have been given part of her plunder. She has been de for some time to the extent that her kids were even moved de. And you wonder why people steal large sums and it’s condoned by our countrymen.

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