BATTLE OF CHAMPIONS: The Winner Takes Zuena

The battle of Champions between Bebe Cool and the Goodlfye is becoming more verbal day by day with the latest comments coming from Douglas Sseguya aka Weasel.

Goodlyfe will battle Bebe Cool on December 6 at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds
Goodlyfe will battle Bebe Cool on December 6 at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds

“6th December, the battle of champions, the winner takes Zuena,” Weasel posted on Facebook.

In the past few weeks the Goodlyfe and Bebe Cool have been engaging  in a series of verbal attacks.

Weasel's Facebook post
Weasel’s Facebook post

“These two little singers who still call themselves young yet they both are 29 and above with more than four kids each, public opinion says they are good musically.

Ok, now that you say they are good, then it means they get a ticket to battle the big man, so I would like congratulate Radio and Wizolo on this achievement after begging for it for a long time, now I have given you a chance to taste the best of times,” Bebe Cool attacked the Goodlyfe boys.

Bebe Cool Getting Up-close With His Belle Zuena
Weasel has vowed to take Zuena after winning the battle of champions

“There are two types of people in the music industry, those with artistic skills (artists), and those who just sing (musicians). On 6th of December at Kyadondo rugby grounds, one of our musicians will be singing as the artists perform for u,” the Goodlyfe fired back at Bebe Cool.

Bebe Cool further advised the Magnetic singers that; “Young kids always see the colours of hot pepper and they always want to test, but until they taste it, they never know how hot it is.”

7 thoughts on “BATTLE OF CHAMPIONS: The Winner Takes Zuena

  1. Guys for sure living a cool life definitely means u’ve lived a good life already, and now its getting even cooler!! Bebe wama u win… And u will ever b the champion as long as you are competing with those two little things called “Panasonic & beast.

  2. My sorrow goes to Zuana who is aways fought for without no respect that she is a married woman whom what ever or how many men she met during her childhood must be forgotten.
    I also petty to Cool who assumes that exposing her wife to the public is the beginning of his success.

  3. bambi zuena…i like gud lyf music..i listen to bebe musics n i luv sm h8 the way bebe behaves(arrogant man) naye i dont suport this bato kaz bu gaayi bumanyira zuena.and thy are lookin fo bebe z weak point thts y thy r always mentionin zuena z nem evry whr…bebe olimussaja mufumbo u wud hv jam the bato…bu bu gud lyf obufumbo bwabuleema…..nwea am jus sori fo the lady ZUENA….naye ono circus mutukoola mu sente…

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