Castle Lite Injects Shs170m In Basketball Playoffs

The 20 top division basketball league clubs started this year in a manner they had only hoped for. Airtel, who has been sponsoring the regular season with the Ug Shs 60 Million offer, the clubs are ending 2013 with so many reasons to celebrate.

Nile Breweries Limited under the Castle lite brand has on Wednesday unveiled a special package worthy Ug. Shs 170 Million to facilitate the smooth running of the league play-offs that kick off on 1st November 2013 at the Lugogo Indoor Arena.

It even got better when Airtel pledged to continue with the Ug Shs 60 Million offer they unleashed earlier  (in June 2013) to help the clubs run the league affairs.

Part of the Castle lite sponsorship package will include lots of fun games through which the fans will be able to win an assortment of merchandise during selected games that will also be aired live on Television.

“Castle lite has once again reaffirmed the brand’s strategic thought of building its affinity within its target audience through supporting sports platforms that exhibit a lot of promise. For the game, the fans, FUBA and the brand, its a win – win situation”, Isaac Sekasi, the brand manager for Castle lite remarked at the official unveiling of the package at Triangle Hotel in Kampala.


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