Club Beer To Halt Goodlyfe Sponsorship Deal

Club beer is on the verge of halting their sponsorship deal with Goodlyfe Crew over the stubbornness of singers Radio and Weasel.

The Dybamic duo Weasel and Radio had previously been nominated for the 2013 BET Awards
The dynamic duo Weasel and Radio

Rumor has it that the misunderstanding between the Magnetic singers and Club beer management escalated when they failed to grace the just concluded Club Music Video Awards held at UMA Main hall on Friday September 20.

According to a reliable source who preferred anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter intimated to us that Club beer officials were left in shock when Radio and Weasel were announced winners of the Best Duo group category and no was around to receive the award.

Club Brand Manager Mr Sam Hooper and Marketing Manager NBL Mr Daniel Ogong handing over the Life-Time Achievement Award.
Club Brand Manager Mr Sam Hooper  (R) and Marketing Manager NBL Mr Daniel Ogong (L) at the Club Music Video Awards

A source further revealed that Daniel Ogong the Marketing Manager Nile Breweries said that they will halt their sponsorship deals with all the artists who boycotted the Music Video Awards.

Club beer is well known for promoting and sponsoring artists with talent in Uganda.

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  1. i agree with you club,these musicians feel bigger than the sponsors now, i hear BET material but if you hadn’t been sponsored locally believe me or not even the BET would not have recognized you, so do dissolve that sponsorship package with all the musicians that never showed up on your event

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