Another UCU Student Sets Self Ablaze

A second year female student of Uganda Christian University – UCU has died in Namayingo district after setting herself ablaze.

Uganda-Christian-University-Mukono24 –year-old Ruth Ajambo, a resident of Bujangu village Banda sub county in Namayingo district, set herself ablaze after leaving home this afternoon to visit a neighbour Odofi Onyango.

Odofi Onyango has reportedly gone into hiding from the Police since the incident occurred.

The incident happened on Sunday afternoon in Bujangu village where Ajambo had been since Friday last week. She had come home from UCU to visit her sick mother Anna Nabwiire.

Anna Nabwiire, the mother of the deceased, says that the victim doused herself with petrol and set herself on fire.

Nabwiire says that she was alerted by the screams of frightened neighbours who saw a figure on fire running through gardens. On rushing to stop the fire it was found that Ruth Ajambo had set herself ablaze and rushed into the gardens.

Nabwiire says after the fire was put out, the dying Ruth Ajambo told her mother that she had come to have a last meal with her. Although there were frantic efforts to rush her to Mulago Hospital, she died on her way to Kampala in Iganga.

Samson Lubega, South Eastern regional police spokesperson, says her hand bag failed to provide them with any clues as to why Ajambo had set herself ablaze.

This is the second UCU female student to set herself ablaze. In 2012 a female student of Uganda Christian University-Mbale Campus was admitted at Mbale Hospital after setting herself ablaze following a disagreement with her lover.

Liz Waluga, a second year student of Social Work and Social Administration set herself ablaze after a disagreement with her boyfriend.

8 thoughts on “Another UCU Student Sets Self Ablaze

  1. Sad but May be the name of the institution should be changed to Uganda suicide university.

    1. Does this mean the university played a hand in the suicide? The title of the news article should have read differently. Other than the fact that the student went to UCU, the cause of her suicide has not been established to have come from the institution itself.
      You should not post something just because you accessed your mother’s computer.

  2. Young people should learn to define their being beyond
    relationship disaster. Institutions should step up life skills mentoring as well, its not about UCU but individualism

  3. UCU should establish a counseling department to help the young girls with matters of relationships. It could become worse, if a frustrated girl decides to burn herself with others in a University hall.

  4. people should learn how to handle stress coz not anyone is worth yr life coz there are always better partners

  5. I am not a suicide advocate – but am just wondering – if someone has chosen to take that path, why make it so painful? Setting oneself ablaze!!

  6. why is the guy being tormented? Really, I know the pain that relationship can cause but there is Joy in proving that yo can live without that person hurting you. Girls learn from this and don’t let your lives be snatched from you. You can do better. Rest in Peace though Ruth may God have mercy on you.

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